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The Department of Environmental Services works to improve quality of life through operations and maintenance of Hoboken’s public spaces. We maintain municipal parks and buildings, collect garbage and recycling, sweep and plow the streets, and repair potholes. We coordinate with the local utilities responsible for operating Hoboken’s energy, sewer, and water infrastructure, while making long-term capital investments in flood mitigation and replacing aging water mains. We also execute the municipal code related to sanitation, trees, and sidewalks.


We oversee the maintenance of parks and public spaces. For more information about Hoboken parks, click here.

The Department of Health & Human Services oversees events and recreation programs in Hoboken parks. For more information about parks, fields and facilities, and athletic programs, click here


The Hoboken Shade Tree Commission oversees the regulation, planting, care, and control of trees along roadways, in parks and public places in the City of Hoboken. Property owners are responsible for stewardship of street trees adjacent to their property. Any planting or pruning of street trees requires a tree permit. For more information about tree planting and stewardship, click here.


We repair minor potholes on municipal streets, and coordinate with Hudson County to repair potholes on County roads. To report a pothole, click here for 311.

The Department of Transportation & Parking, with support from Engineering, oversees capital improvements in municipal streets, sinkholes, sidewalk and street opening permits.


To keep our streets clean and citizens healthy, this office manages city wide garbage, recycling, and bulk removal programs. We also coordinate with the county to provide drop off days for hazardous materials. All items for pick up should be placed curb side after 9pm on the appropriate day. Failure to follow this and other municipal ordinances can result in the issuing of a summons. For more information about these programs, review we can be reached at (201) 420-2385 or you can click here.


During winter weather, we manage snow removal on municipal streets, parks, and buildings. We also coordinate with Hudson County for snow removal on County roads. For more information about winter weather operations, click here


Sanitation Inspectors enforce the Municipal Code as it pertains to garbage, recycling, litter, weeds, trees, streets, sidewalks, and snow removal. These are regulated by the following chapters of the City Code: Chapter 62 Shade Tree Commission, Chapter 110 Garbage, Rubbish, and Litter, Chapter 136-2 Prohibited ActsChapter 168 Streets and Sidewalks, Chapter 148 Plastic Bags, and Chapter 151 Recycling.



PSEG owns and operates Hoboken’s electric and natural gas distribution system.

To report a street light outage or pole issue, power outage, gas leak, pay your bill, make an appointment, or change service, call 1.800.436.7734 or click here.

Click here to download our FAQ about PSEG Utility Service.


North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) owns and operates Hoboken’s combined sanitary and storm sewer system.

To report a clogged catch basin or sewer issue, call 1.866.689.3970 for the emergency hotline or click here.


The City owns and SUEZ Water operates Hoboken’s drinking water distribution system. SUEZ bears the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the water infrastructure system and protecting Hoboken and its residents from irresponsible practices and construction.

To report a service issue, water discoloration, pay your bill, or change service, call 1.800.422.0141 or click here.

To learn more about plans to upgrade Hoboken's aging water infrastructure system, click here.



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