Who is responsible for the sidewalk in front of my building?

The property owner of the building shall keep the sidewalk, flagging and curbstone abutting said building or premises free from obstruction and nuisances of every kind and shall keep said sidewalks, air shafts, areaways, backyards, courts and alleys free from garbage, refuse, rubbish, litter and other offensive material. Such persons shall also remove garbage, refuse, litter, debris and other offensive material between the curbstone abutting the building or premises and the roadway area extending 1 1/2 feet, [18 inches], from the curbstone into the street on which the building or premises front. (§ 168-9 Damage to streets and sidewalks.)

The owner or tenant of land abutting or bordering upon the sidewalks and gutters of public streets is required to remove weeds and other impediments. (§168-26 Removal of grass, weeds or other impediments).

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