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Tax Collector Sharon Curran

Hours: M – F, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Phone: (201) 420-2000 ext 7203

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As the Tax Collector, one of the main functions of the department is billing and collecting all property taxes within the City.

Attention Hoboken Taxpayers:

The Tax Collector’s Office will be open from 8am to 6pm on the following nights:

8/14/2019, 11/6/2019, 2/05/2020 & 5/06/2020.

The Tax Office will be open from 8am to 5pm during collection periods “only”

This office is closed holidays, weekends and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

You can also view and pay your bill on the Website: http://www.hobokennj.gov/proptaxes

If you move or want your tax bill sent to another address please put your request in writing and send to the Tax Assessor’s Office or e-mail the information
Email address: assessor@hobokennj.gov


The Procedure in the Tax Collector’s Office for processing County Board Judgments is as follows:

The adjustment to the levy is applied to the fourth quarter taxes and if there is a balance, the third quarter taxes. Please be advised the levy adjustment cannot be calculated or applied until there is a certified tax rate.  After the November tax payments are credited to all the tax accounts the tax office will review each account with a Hudson County Judgment and refund by resolution the overpayments due to Tax Court Judgments. The overpayments will be refunded to the petitioner or the attorney who represented the petitioner.

An adjustment will also be reflected on the first and second quarters for the following year on the same tax bill. After the adjustment is applied to the tax account a revised bill will be sent to the owner of property and if the case may be the mortgage company of record.


Added Assessment and Omitted Tax Bills are for properties that have made improvements enhancing the value of the property.

The bills are mailed in October and are due November 1st. -12th (with an extension).

Payments received after November 12th will be assessed interest from November 1st, until payment is received by the tax office.

Note: Contact the Tax Collector’s Office for a Redemption Statement on a lien before making payment. The figures on the website are not accurate. Payments for liens are only accepted by certified check, cash or money orders.

Ordinance for Bounced Checks

Ordinance 2009 DR-400
Payments can be made in cash, certified check or money order

Mailing address for Tax Payments

The City of Hoboken Tax Collector’s Office
94 Washington St.
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Check made Payable to: City of Hoboken Tax Collector’s Office  

You contact the Tax Collector’s Office at (201) 420-2000 Extension 7203

Assessor Sal Bonaccorsi

Hours: M – F, 9 am – 4 pm

Phone: (201) 420-2000 ext 7301

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As the Assessor for the City of Hoboken, one of the main functions of the department is maintaining the tax map and the tax list, which includes property owners, mailing addresses and assessments. We also administer the senior citizen/ disabled person and veteran deductions. All copies of records can be obtained through the City Clerk’s Office. Owner’s records and deed information can be reviewed below.

Tax Assessment Map

View the current Hoboken tax assessment map (pdf)

Hudson County Tax Board Information

Property Owner and Deeds Information

Petition of Appeal

Added/Omitted Petition of Appeal

Deduction Forms

Senior Citizens Tax Deduction

Disabled Veterans Tax Deduction

NJ Division of Taxation Property Tax Relief Program


Change of Address form




To obtain city records, you must submit an OPRA request. Please bring the completed form to the Clerk’s office, fax it, or email it to us.

OPRA Request Form | Details


The Clerk’s Office is responsible for holding municipal, county, state, and federal elections. For more information, visit:

Register to Vote

In New Jersey residents must be registered to vote 21 days prior to an election. You can pick up and return completed voter registration forms to this office or download a voter registration application form.

If you have any questions about upcoming elections or the registration process please call our office.

City Ward Maps

The City of Hoboken is made up of six wards, each with several voting districts.

Film Permits

Click here to download the Film Permit application form. The application must be reviewed by the Police Department – Chief’s office or a representative (Chief Ken Ferrante, (201)-420-2002). The Police Department will explain city rules and the requirements for filming and location of vehicles, equipment, and traffic regulations and will make a recommendation to the Film Commission. The Film Commission will review and approve or deny the application.

The completed application must be submitted at least 3 days (72 Hours) prior to the scheduled filming dates. The City will review it and contact the appropriate city officials to verify safety procedures. Please follow the instructions on the film permit application form.

Upon issuance of the film permit by the Clerk’s office there will be a $700.00 fee (as of 4/12/10) due and payable to the City of Hoboken.


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