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The Hoboken City Council is the law-making body of the City of Hoboken. It is comprised of (3) three At-Large members elected to represent the entire City and six (6) members elected to represent one of our City’s six (6) wards. The Council monitors the operation and performance of city agencies, makes land use decisions and has sole responsibility for approving the city’s budget. It also legislates on a wide range of other subjects.


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City Council

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Committee System

Most of the Council’s legislative work is done in committee. It is there that proposed legislation is initially debated and the members of other government branches and the public are given a chance to comment. Each Council Member serves on at least two (2) of the Council’s eight (8) standing committees. You can view the full list and download the list of the committee members here.

Public Notices will be provided to the local media and posted outside of the City Clerk’s office bulletin boards.

Meeting Schedule

The Council typically meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall and only once a month in the month of July and August. Meeting schedule

Meeting Documents

Information pertaining to the upcoming City Council meetings will be posted two (2) days prior to the relevant meeting and can also be obtained from the City Clerks office. 

Here is most updated Council Rules and Procedures passed on May 5, 2021.

City Clerks Office

The City Clerk’s Office maintains all documents pertinent to the administration of municipal government, provides support to the Mayor and City Council, administers elections, and coordinates information services for the public and provide information.

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Council Members and Terms

                                                                                 Term Begins           Term Expires

James Doyle, At-Large & Vice President           Jan. 1, 2022              Dec. 31, 2025

Emily Jabbour, At-Large                                      Jan. 1, 2022              Dec. 31, 2025

Joseph Quintero, At-Large                                 Jan. 1, 2022              Dec. 31, 2025

Paul Presinzano, 1st Ward                                 Jan. 1, 2024              Dec. 31, 2027

Tiffanie Fisher, 2nd Ward                                   Jan. 1, 2024              Dec. 31, 2027

Michael Russo, 3rd Ward                                    Jan. 1, 2024              Dec. 31, 2027

Ruben Ramos Jr., 4th Ward                                Jan. 1, 2024              Dec. 31, 2027

Phil Cohen, 5th Ward                                           Jan. 1, 2024              Dec. 31, 2027

Jennifer Giattino, 6th Ward & President         Jan. 1, 2024              Dec. 31, 2027



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