SDL Portal

In 2022, the City launched the SDL Citizen platform, a mobile app and web-based tool for residents to conveniently report quality of life concerns, submit municipal requests, and file applications online.

Community members can create an account at or by clicking "Submit a Concern" below. Once an account is created, users can file a complaint based on the type, along with a brief description of relevant information. When a complaint is submitted, the user will get an automated response from the accountable City department, which will process and address the request or contact the user if additional information is required. Users will also be able to track the progress of their requests from their account home page.    

Current SDL Portal capabilities allow community members to check permit statuses, register responsible agents, search property information, and manage numerous tasks, all from their computers or smartphones.    

The City is currently working on adding additional functions to the SDL platform, including Building Permit and Zoning applications and rent control property registrations.