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Winter Weather Operations

Winter Weather Operations

Snow Removal

During winter weather, the City will continuously monitor conditions and implement a Snow Emergency Plan. The City will spread salt and/or brine on streets to prevent snow from bonding to pavement and will commence to plowing operations as needed. Plowing operations will focus on keeping emergency snow routes clear. When those streets are cleared, plowing will continue on other streets.

Winter Weather Operations

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Winter Weather Operations

Winter Weather Operations

Snow Removal

During winter weather, the City will continuously monitor conditions and implement a Snow Emergency Plan. The City will spread salt and/or brine on streets to prevent snow from bonding to pavement and will commence to plowing operations as needed. Plowing operations will focus on keeping emergency snow routes clear. When those streets are cleared, plowing will continue on other streets.

Stay Informed, Be Prepared

Residents are advised to monitor weather reports and prepare accordingly. The City will provide information through the local media, the City website, www.hobokennj.govTwitterFacebook, Channel 78 on Cablevision, and other means. Residents can sign up for the City’s Reverse 911 system and to receive alerts directly from the City via email or text messages through the Nixle system.

Parking can be more difficult than usual when it snows. Residents may need to move their cars from snow emergency routes to avoid towing, and on-street parking may be more scarce if parking lanes are filled with snow. If snow or ice is predicted, residents who park on-street may wish to consider moving their vehicle to a garage. The City offers overnight parking (8pm to 8am) at a rate of $5.00. This rate is available in Garage B (28 2nd Street), Garage D (215 Hudson Street) and the Midtown Garage (371 4th Street) every day of the year. If the City declares a snow emergency, residents with a valid resident or temporary parking permit may park in Garage B for a rate of $5 per day until the end of the snow emergency.


Property owners/occupants have six (6) hours after the completion of a storm to remove snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property, along with adjoining wheelchair ramps or curb cuts.  At least a 4 foot path or 2/3 of the width of the sidewalk (whichever is greater) should be cleared. If a sidewalk is less than 4 feet wide, the entire width must be cleared. Apply salt or sand if needed. Snow and ice must be cleared from gutters a width of 2 feet into the street. It is illegal to shovel snow back into the street or on a fire hydrant. Residents in multi-unit buildings with management companies should ensure that they are aware of City regulations in order to avoid fines. Residents are encouraged to assist elderly or disabled neighbors and to clear snow from fire hydrants.

Chapter 168-8 of the municipal code regulates snow removal for private property owners.

A. The owner or occupant or person having charge of any dwelling house, store or other building or lot of ground in the City shall, within the first six hours after every fall of snow or hail, or after the formation of any ice upon the sidewalks, unless the ice is covered with sand or ashes, cause the snow and ice to be removed from the sidewalk abutting such dwelling house, store, building or lot of land, cause the snow and ice to be removed from the sidewalk abutting such dwelling house, store, building or lot of land, clearing a traversable walkway so that a minimum of four feet or 2/3 of the width of the sidewalk, whichever is greater, is free of snow and ice. In those instances where the traversable walkway is less than four feet in width, the owner, occupant or person having charge shall clear the entire width of the abutting sidewalk.

B. In case the gutter opposite any dwelling house, store or other building, or lot of ground, in the City shall at any time become obstructed with snow, ice, dirt or any matter, the owner or occupant or person having charge thereof shall cause the gutter to be cleaned out to the width of two feet, so that the water may run freely along the same.

C. If more than four feet of sidewalk is available, snow may be deposited between the cleared area and the curbline at a height of no greater than 3.5 feet.

D. At no time shall snow, ice, dirt, or any matter be removed into the street.

E. Where public facilities or public infrastructure are present on a sidewalk, such as mailboxes, phone booths, handicapped ramps at corners, parking meters, bicycle racks, and benches, the owner, occupant or person having charge shall maintain clear access to said facilities or infrastructure so that all public functions may continue unimpeded at all times.

The City performs proactive inspections and also relies on citizen complaints to help us identify those property owners that are not meeting sidewalk safety requirements. The vast majority of property owners comply with these regulations, but the City will issue fines to those who do not keep sidewalks clear. To report a violation, call the Department of Environmental Services at 201-420-2000 x4000 or submit a complaint through Hoboken311 here.

Emergency Snow Routes

Emergency Snow Routes in Hoboken are labeled with street signs that read “No Parking When Road Is Snow Covered.” When streets are snow covered OR when a snow emergency is declared, no parking is permitted on these streets. Vehicles parked on snow emergency routes are subject to towing. This is necessary to move police, fire and ambulances throughout Hoboken in time of emergency for the safety and welfare of all our citizens.

Click here to download a map of Hoboken Emergency Snow Routes [pdf].

List of Locations

Snow Emergency

During winter weather events, the City will continually monitor weather forecasts and conditions. Based on snowfall, predicted snowfall, and other factors, the City may declare a snow emergency, which triggers a variety of responsibilities for the City and its citizens. A Snow Emergency declaration activates:

  • Operations Command Center
  • Public notification
  • Parking restrictions
  • Discounted garage parking
  • Suspended trash pickup
  • Suspension of Hop shuttle service*
  • Restrictions on Taxi/Limo service*
Operations Command Center

The City will open an Operations Command Center during a declared snow emergency. Residents may call the Command Center at 201-420-2230.

Public Notification

When a snow emergency is declared, notification will be made via:

  • An announcement to media outlets
  • The City website (www.hobokennj.gov), Twitter (twitter.com/cityofhoboken) and Facebook (facebook.com/hoboken)
  • The Nixle messaging service (sign up here)
  • A reverse 911 call and/or text message/email to residents/parking permit holders whose information is on file
  • Electronic message signs posted at entrances to the City, when possible
  • Channel 78 on Cablevision
Parking Restrictions

When a snow emergency has been declared, vehicles may not park along designated snow emergency routes. Vehicles parked on snow emergency routes are subject to towing. During a snow emergency, alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations will be suspended.

When the end of a snow emergency event has been declared, there will be a 24 hour grace period during which parking rules will remain suspended. Enforcement of parking rules will resume at 12:01am on the day following the 24 hour period.

Vehicles that are not moved during posted street cleaning times will receive a summons. If a vehicle remains parked for an additional 48 hours, it will be considered abandoned and be subject to towing.

Discounted Garage Parking

When a snow emergency has been declared, $5 per day discounted parking will be made available in Garage B, located at 215 Hudson Street. The rate is valid until the snow emergency has been lifted and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis to residents with valid resident or temporary parking permit.

Suspended Trash Pickup

During a snow emergency, all trash pickups are suspended. If there is no snow emergency, trash will be picked up on regular scheduled days.

*The following additional measures will take effect at a specified time, depending on weather and road conditions:Suspension of Hop shuttle serviceThe Hop shuttle system will suspend operations.

Restrictions on Taxi/Limo service

Taxis and limos without snow tires or chains will be banned from operating.

Submit a Complaint/Request

Residents can submit snow-related complaints or request service through the City’s online service request system, www.hobokennj.gov/311.

Snow Dumping Locations

When there is a large snowfall, the City will pile and remove snow from streets. The City will use 17th Street (a dirt road) and Vezzetti Way (parallel to Observer Highway) from Willow Avenue to Washington Street.

Important Contact Information

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency (Police): (201) 420-2100
Environmental Services Department: (201) 420-2000 x4000
Operations Command Center (when snow emergency is in effect): (201) 420-2230

Snow Removal Fleet

Environmental Services

  • Nine (9) small trucks with salt spreader and plows
  • Three (3) large trucks with salt spreader and plow
  • One (1) payloader
  • One (1) small dump truck with salt spreader
  • Two (2) 20 yard roll-off dumpsters
  • Two (2) Bobcats with brooms
  • Two (2) Ventracs with brooms
  • One (1) John Deere
  • One (1) snow melter

Parking Utility

  • Two (2) small trucks with plows

Parks Department

  • Two (2) small trucks with plow

Fire Department

  • Two (2) SUV’s with plow

Additional vehicles may be brought in from outside vendors if conditions warrant.

Taxi Rates

Maximum Allowable Intra-City Fares

The maximum allowable fare for intra-city taxi service is $8.00, except for taxi service initiating from the taxi stand at the New Jersey Transit/PATH station which is $7.00.

Additional Allowable Fees

1. If cab rides are shared with the consent of the first rider(s), the fee may be increased by $7.00 so long as the second rider(s) is not going to the same exact destination. No more than two paying passengers. The right of the taxicab operator to transport shared rides applies only at taxi stands designated by the City of Hoboken if there are more passengers than available taxis. The first rider must be taken to his or her destination first.

2. If a taxi picks up a party of more than one person at a taxi stand at the New Jersey Transit/PATH station for intra-city travel, the taxi driver may charge an additional One Dollar ($1.00) fee for each person, in addition to the allowable fare of Seven Dollars ($7.00). There is no additional fee for children under the age of Thirteen (13) years old.

Allowable Baggage Fees

In addition, there shall be a charge of $0.50 for each bag exceeding two, with which a driver assists a passenger, except that senior citizens shall not be subject to this fee.

Maximum Allowable Non-City Fares

Every driver must have a City approved Rate Book in the vehicle at all times and must use the rates included in the book.

Out of Town –


Port Imperial $17.00

Golf Range $20.00

Chart House $10.00

Lincoln Harbor $9.00


Newport Apartments $9.00

Avalon Cove $9.00

Newport Mall & Area $9.00

Society Hills $25.00

Port Liberty $23.00

Liberty State Park $23.00

Kennedy Blvd. & Montgomery $18.00

Kennedy Blvd. & Communipaw $20.00

New Jersey City University Area $23.00

Greenville Area $23.00

Communipaw & Pacific $17.00

Kennedy Blvd. & Paterson Plank Road $13.00

Communipaw Avenue $23.00

Mc Adoo Avenue $25.00

Danforth Avenue $25.00

Culver Avenue $23.00

Old Bergen Ave. $25.00

Pearsall Ave. $25.00


Columbus Driver Area $12.00

Exchange Place $12.00

155 Washington Blvd. & 100 Warren St. $12.00

4th Street $9.00

7th Street $11.00

Grove St. PATH $12.00

Grand St. & Jersey Ave. $16.00

Grand St. & Pacific $18.00

Pacific & Johnston $18.00

Pacific, Caven Point Road $22.00


Kennedy Blvd. $12.00

Nelson Ave. $14.00

Manhattan Ave & Tonelle Ave. $15.00

Central Ave. $10.00

Palisades Ave. & Sherman Ave. $8.00

Journal Square $13.00

Court House $11.00

Congress & Central Ave. $9.00


Ranges from $23.00-$24.00


American Can Co. $20.00

Broadway & Westside Ave. $21.00

Marion Garden Area $22.00

Montgomery & Westside Ave. $23.00

Belmont & Westside Ave. $24.00


Ranges from $23.00-$25.00


Ranges from $23.00-$25.00


Ranges from $23.00-$25.00


Brown Place & Garfield Ave. $27.00

Neptune Ave. & Garfield Ave. $27.00

Seaview Ave. & Garfield Ave. $27.00

Gates Ave. & Garfield Ave. $27.00

Merrit St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00

Schley St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00

Samson St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00

Shaffer St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00


Palisades Ave. (Not above 5th St.) $9.00

Palisades Ave. & 18th St. $10.00

Palisades Ave. & 23rd St. $11.00

Paterson Plank Rd. & 2nd St. $10.00

Central Ave. & Summit Ave. $12.00

Union City Reservoir &Gregory Commons $10.00

Troy Towers $10.00

22nd Street & Kennedy Blvd. $12.00


19th Street $9.00

The Shades $9.00

700 Blvd. East Apts. $9.00

Bonn Place $11.00

Fulton Street $12.00

50th Street $16.00

60th Street $18.00

67th Street $20.00

75th Street $22.00

85th Street $24.00

Nungesser’s $28.00


10th Street & Kennedy Blvd. $12.00

22nd Street & Kennedy Blvd. $13.00

32nd Street & Palisade Ave. $12.00

32nd Street & Bergenline Ave. $13.00

43rd Street & Hudson Blvd. $15.00

50th Street & Hudson Blvd. $17.00

57th Street & Hudson Blvd. $18.00

65th Street & Hudson Blvd. $20.00

70th Street & Hudson Blvd. $21.00

76th Street & Hudson Blvd $23.00

85th Street & Hudson Blvd. $25.00

Nungesser’s $28.00


15th Street & Paterson Plank Road $13.00

39th Street & Hackensack Plank Road $17.00

Paterson Plank Road & Tonelle Ave. $19.00

5 Corners North Bergen $15.00

50th Street & Tonelle Ave. $23.00

67th Street & Tonelle Ave. $25.00

76th Street & Tonelle Ave. $27.00

85th Street & Tonelle Ave. $29.00

91st Street & Tonelle Ave. $30.00

Dan Kelly’s Hill $30.00


Pier 1 & 2 Guttenberg $22.00

Pier 7 & 9 NYC $22.00

Lever Brothers $24.00

Barretts $24.00

Ford Pier $26.00

Alco Plant $28.00


Bayonne Naval Base $33.00

32nd Street & Broadway $33.00

22nd Street & Broadway $35.00

5th Street & Broadway $38.00

Bergen Point $38.00

Texas Oil $38.00

Tydol or Bayonne Warehouse $38.00

Terminal & Metropolitan Oil Co. Gate Only $38.00

Standard Oil Co. Gate Only $38.00


Meadowlands Hospital $25.00

JC Medical Center $16.00

Christ Hospital $9.00


Penn Station $40.00 plus tolls

Grand Central Station $45.00 plus tolls


Newark $45.00 plus tolls

Teterboro $40.00 plus tolls

Kennedy $90.00 plus tolls

La Guardia $70.00 plus tolls

Meadowlands Arena $40.00

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