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The City of Hoboken now uses the Nixle alert system for all emergency and non-emergency communications via email, text, and phone. To sign up, please click here.

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Emergency Notifications

The City of Hoboken now uses the Nixle alert system for all emergency and non-emergency communications via email, text, and phone. To sign up, please click here.

Renting an Ojo Scooter

P3 Global Management operates Hoboken’s bike share program, JerseyBike. Last year they partnered with Ojo to bring their unique electric scooters to Hoboken. Initially, 50 Ojo scooters will be available for rent across the city. All Ojo scooters must be parked at JerseyBike docking stations.Refer to the Ojo app or information printed on the scooter for docking locations and instructions.

Rental fees: It costs $1.25 to unlock an Ojo scooter plus $0.18/minute during an active rental.

How to rent an Ojo scooter

1.      Download the Ojo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2.      Create an account by scanning your ID and providing payment information

3.      Unlock the Ojo by scanning the scooter’s QR code

4.      Go for a ride!

5.      Park your Ojo at the nearest JerseyBike docking station by pushing the kickstand down and pulling the Ojo scooter backwards

6.      End your ride in the Ojo app

7.      Repeat steps 1-6!

Always ride with safety and courtesy for other street users in mind. This means never riding on the sidewalk or parking your scooter in a place that could obstruct sidewalk space for pedestrians or people with disabilities or pushing strollers. To avoid being charged additional fees, all Ojo scooters must be parked at a JerseyBike docking station. Remember to always obey all traffic signs and regulations!

Follow these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable Ojo ride.

Additional Rider Tips

·        To stop, squeeze both the right and left brake levers.

·        Always park at a designated JerseyBike docking station.If you park outside of one of the 36 designated stations, you will be charged an additional fee for the recovery of your vehicle. Please review the in-app map for dedicated return locations.

·        The Ojo can travel 50 miles on a full charge. If your battery depletes, park your Ojo in the closest, safest area, free from obstructing any pedestrian or vehicle paths. If the battery reaches 0%, the app will end your ride.

·        If you encounter any mechanical issues, before or during your ride, tap the “!” icon located at the bottom right of the selected Ojo overview screen to report the problem.

Reporting issues or complaints with Ojo scooters or service:

Follow the in-app instructions or call 973-836-9081.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How long will the e-scooter pilot last?

It will last six months, approximately from May 20 – November 20, 2019

2.       What will happen after the e-scooter pilot?

The City of Hoboken will conduct a survey of riders and review usage data to develop a report and make recommendations for future e-scooter share programs.

3.       Are e-scooters safe?

Yes! Recent studies conducted in Portland, OR and Austin, TX concluded that e-scooters are the cause of no more injuries than bicycles and that a significant share of e-scooter related injuries could have been prevented by wearing a helmet. E-scooters weigh about as much as bike share bicycles and travel at similar speeds as human-powered bicycles.  

4.       Can I ride on the sidewalk?

No, e-scooters must be ridden in the street only.

5.       Should I wear a helmet?


6.       How much does an e-scooter cost to rent?

As of May 2019, Lime scooters cost $1 to unlock and $0.15 per minute to ride. As of May 2019, Ojo scooters cost $1.25 to unlock and $0.18 per minute to ride. Refer to the Lime and Ojo apps for the current pricing.

7.       Are there discounts for users receiving financial assistance?

Lime offers a 50% discount for anyone that qualifies for any state- or federally-run assistance program through its Lime Access program. Apply online at li.me/community-impact.

8.       Are there e-scooter speed limits in Hoboken?

Yes, e-scooters are prohibited from operating faster than 18 MPH in Hoboken.

9.   Are e-scooter rentals available 24/7?

No, currently e-scooters are only available for rental between 5 AM and 10 PM in Hoboken.

10.   Is there an age limit to ride an e-scooter?

Anyone 18 or older can ride an e-scooter in Hoboken.

11.   Where can I park an e-scooter?

E-scooters can be parked at any bike rack, in designated parking areas if available, or in the furnishing zone of the sidewalk next to the curb. See the image above for more guidance.

12.   How can I report e-scooter issues or concerns?

Use Hoboken’s 311 to report issues or concerns with scooters that don’t belong to Lime or Ojo. For reporting issues or concerns with scooters that belong to Lime, follow the in-app instructions or call or text 1-888-LIME-345 or email support@limebike.com.  For reporting issues or concerns with scooters that belong to Ojo, follow the in-app instructions or call 973-836-9081.

13.   Can I bring e-scooters on transit vehicles?

E-scooters are currently prohibited from transit vehicles in Hoboken. Refer to NJ Transit, PATH, NY Waterways for specific restrictions on their vehicles and in stations.

14.      Can I purchase my own electric-scooter?

Yes, you can purchase and operate your own e-scooter in Hoboken if it meets the legal requirements outlined in New Jersey state law.

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