What do I need a tree permit for?

A tree permit is required to do any of the following (§ 168-14 Care of trees on sidewalks):

* Cut, trim, break, climb with spikes, disturb the roots of, spray with any chemical, remove or otherwise injure any living tree or shrub or injure, misuse or remove any structure or device placed to support or protect such tree or shrub.

* Plant any tree or shrub.

* Fasten any rope, wire, electric attachment, sign or other device to a tree or shrub or to any guard about such tree or shrub.

* Close or obstruct any open space provided about the base of a tree or shrub to permit the access of air, water or fertilizer to the roots of such tree or shrub.

* Place any building material within six feet of a tree or shrub.

Click here to learn how to obtain a tree permit.

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Removal of tree grates does not require a permit, as long as the tree is not harmed by removing the tree grate.

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