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This office is responsible for overseeing all of the property development in Hoboken. The City's Planning Board and Zoning Board help execute many of these responsibilities. The City's Development Officer also leads development initiatives, designated as Redevelopment Zones, to promote positive growth and success in Hoboken.

Community Development

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Community Development

Planning Board

The Planning Board oversees housing related issues that do not require variances. This 9 person volunteer body meets bi-monthly to review request and conduct business. Learn More

Zoning Board

The Zoning Board oversees all housing related issues that require variances. This 9 person volunteer body meets bi-monthly to review request and conduct business. Learn More

Historic Preservation Commission

This Commission is dedicated to the active preservation of the character and charm of buildings that are deemed historically significant. Learn More

Affordable Housing

There are affordable housing opportunities and programs available to residents in the City of Hoboken. Learn more.

Open Space Acquisition and Development

In early 2011 the Planning Board adopted an Open Space Plan for the City of Hoboken. The City is working on several park improvement and development projects already underway, as well as considering proposed park space presented in the Open Space Plan. Learn more.

Redevelopment Areas and Studies

Through the creation of redevelopment zones, that city can more closely guide large scale development. The city currently has several redevelopment projects in flight and conducts public workshops to keep the public informed. Learn more.

Economic Development

From large scale development to small business interests, the City of Hoboken is implementing initiatives for economic development in the community. Learn more.

Community Development Block Grant Program

The Community Development Block Grant provides annual grants to develop viable communities by providing funding for decent housing, suitable living environments, and expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate income persons. Learn more.

Waterfront Infrastructure and Walkway

The Hudson River water quality has improved over the years. The unfortunate side effect is the increased presence of toredo worms that accelerate the deterioration of wood pilings and other waterfront infrastructure. As a result, Hoboken has experienced several collapses along the waterfront in recent years. To address the situation and assess the extent of the damage, the City approved a thorough waterfront inspection of both publicly owned and privately owned properties along the Hoboken waterfront. Learn more.

General Planning


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