Plant a tree in front of your house or condo and help the Hoboken Shade Tree Commission reach our goal of 4,000 healthy street trees by 2020.

The Shade Tree Commission has an annual tree planting program. A suggested donation of $100.00 and your pledge to care for and water your tree will place your application on our first-come, first-serve tree planting list. This list is subject to available budget and not every applicant is guaranteed a tree. Click here to complete the online application and consent form.

To plant a street tree in front of your property with your own contractor (outside of the Shade Tree Commission tree planting program), request a tree permit from the Shade Tree Commission and Department of Environmental Services. Click here to learn how to obtain a tree permit. Click here for the Shade Tree Commission tree planting specifications (§168-15 Planting of trees along streets).

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