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Affordable Housing

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Affordable Homes New Jersey - Hoboken Affordable Opportunities

2023 Housing Plan Element and Fair Share Plan for the City of Hoboken
Settlement Agreement with Fair Share Housing Center – Executed May 3, 2021

HEFSP Presentation to Planning Board

HEFSP Community Meeting March 29, 2023 recording

HEFSP Midpoint Report Public Notice

Affordable Housing Monitoring Report 2023

Affordable Housing Trust Fund Report 2023

Where are the affordable Hoboken apartments located?

600 Harrison Street

  • 5 apartments
  • Year built: 2017
  • Low income apartments: one 1-bedroom
  • Moderate income apartments: three 2-bedrooms and one 1-bedroom
  • All apartments occupied. Visit AffordableHomesNewJersey.com to join the waiting list.

Edge Adams (1405 Adams Street)

  • 4 apartments
  • Year built: 2019
  • Moderate income apartments: one studio, two 2-bedrooms, and one 3-bedroom
  • All apartments occupied. Visit AffordableHomesNewJersey.com to join the waiting list.

7 Seventy House (770 Jackson Street)

  • 42 apartments
  • Year built: 2019
  • Moderate income apartments: 8 studios, 26 2-bedrooms, and 8 3-bedrooms
  • All apartments occupied. Visit AffordableHomesNewJersey.com to join the waiting list.

Hoboken Glass House (401 Jackson Street)

  • 5 apartments
  • Year built: 2022
  • Low income apartments: two 2-bedrooms and one 3-bedroom
  • Moderate income apartments: one 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom
  • Now contacting applicants on waiting list for Hoboken Glass House.

721 Clinton Street

  • 6 apartments
  • Year built: 2022
  • Very low income apartments: one 2-bedroom
  • Low income apartments: one 2-bedroom and one 3-bedroom
  • Moderate income apartments: two 2-bedrooms and one 3-bedroom
  • Rents range from $568 to $1,555
  • All apartments occupied. Visit AffordableHomesNewJersey.com to join the waiting list.


When was the waiting list opened? Applicants were first able to join the Hoboken rental waiting list in the beginning of 2019. The City advertised in newspapers, and flyers were distributed throughout Hoboken and the housing region to get the “word” out to as many qualified and interested persons as possible. Applicants who joined the waiting list before May 8, 2019, were assigned a random (or lottery) number which is used to establish waiting list priority.  

How many people are on the waiting list to rent an apartment in Hoboken? 7,629 applicants are on the waiting list to rent an affordable apartment in Hoboken.  

How does the local preference work? In August 2019, Hoboken passed an ordinance which gives waiting list preference to Hoboken residents. Applicants who live in Hoboken will be contacted for available apartments before non-residents.  

Is the waiting list still open? How does an interested person apply? The waiting list is still open. Applicants can apply on-line at AffordableHomesNewJersey.com which is operated by Community Grants, Planning & Housing (CGP&H). Applicants who do not have a computer and/or email address may call 609-664-2769 extension 5.

How can applicants check their waiting list status or submit updates? All applicants can visit their personalized Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile to view their waiting list status and submit updates. Every applicant is provided with a profile link at: AffordableHomesNewJersey.com.

What is required while the applicant is waiting for an affordable apartment? All applicants must submit an update at least once a year to remain on the Hoboken rental waiting list. This annual update requirement ensures that CGP&H has current information on-file when there is a vacancy. Applicants with an email address are emailed links to update their information. Applicants without an email address are mailed a flyer which they must mail back.  

Who is contacted for vacancies? When there is a vacancy, CGP&H will contact the next applicant on the waiting list whose household size, income, and residency matches the unit type. The applicants must be under the maximum income limit for the apartment. Likewise, while there is no set minimum income level, there are limits on how much of the household’s income can be spent on housing expenses. (Maximum income limits and minimum income requirements can be found at AffordableHomesNewJersey.com.) In addition, whenever possible, the household must include at least one person for each bedroom in the affordable apartment.


How is an applicant be contacted? Eligible households with the highest lottery number will be contacted via email and given 24 hours to respond. If they do not want the apartment or fail to respond within the 24 hours, they will not be removed from the waiting list and will be notified of the next available vacancy.  

What happens after an applicant expresses interest in an affordable apartment?  CGP&H will review the applicant’s updated information and if it determines that the applicant is eligible, the applicant then is referred to the landlord to discuss the opportunity and pay the landlord’s application fee. The landlord is permitted to establish its own non-discriminatory criteria for tenant selection. However, such tenant selection criteria are permitted only to the extent allowed by State and Federal law, and must be the same for both affordable and market-rate rental units. Applicants are to notify CGP&H immediately if they are quoted a different rent amount or experience housing discrimination.

The next applicant on the waiting list passes the landlord credit and background checks. What happens next?  CGP&H will conduct a formal application process and “income certify” the applicant. This involves a review of the total gross income for the upcoming 12-month period of all adult household members who will reside in the affordable unit. Gross income includes, but is not limited to: pre-tax wages, salaries, tips,commissions, alimony, overtime, pensions, social security, unemployment compensation, TANF, child support, disability, interest and dividends from assets. Child support & alimony will be calculated from the court decree stating amounts due and whether the payee is current or in arrears. All income information will be verified during this process. Applicants have one week to submit the completed application and must respond promptly for requests to provide additional documentation. An eligibility determination is generally made by CGP&H within one week of the application submission.  

After that? Once the applicant is fully income certified, the landlord is notified that it may execute a lease with the new tenant. CGP&H, as the Administrative Agent, will calculate the maximum rent allowable as permitted by the State, including lease renewals. Applicants are removed from the Hoboken waiting list after they are income certified. There is no annual re-certification requirement.


We encourage all applicants to visit the Hoboken webpage and FAQ at AffordableHomesNewJersey.com. If they still have questions, they may email homes@cgph.net or leave a message at 609-664-2769 extension 5.    


Affordable housing opportunities are available through the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA). Click here for more information about the HHA and housing opportunities.

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