March 9, 2023

The Hoboken Police Department seeks new recruits

The City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Public Safety Department today announced that Hoboken is seeking to hire 17 new police officers. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have never been convicted of a felony.  

Interested applicants must apply by March 31. Click here to apply.

"Very few make as much of an impact on our community as the members of the Hoboken Police Department do," said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. "I witness them day and night, not only working to prevent, investigate and solve crime, but also engaging with the community, mentoring young people and educating the public - often without asking for, or expecting, any credit or thanks. These are our true Hoboken heroes and I welcome anyone who is eligible and interested to apply to join the ranks."  

“We are looking for the best and brightest recruits to join our team at the Hoboken Police Department,” said Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante. “We are hoping to hire close to 20 officers. But more than the right number of people, we are looking for highly qualified people to become officers.”  

“I’m grateful for the service of our current officers who continue to go above and beyond to serve and protect the Hoboken Community,” said Police Chief Steven Aguiar. “The job of a police officer is not an easy one, but there is no other job that offers as much pride and honor, than being a Hoboken Police Officer.”  

Hoboken Police Officers are tasked with enforcing local, state, and federal laws to ensure public safety. Officers will engage the community through public programs and outreach, patrol and respond to emergency calls, apprehend and transport suspects, interview victims, witnesses, and suspect, and gather and log evidence, among other duties.

New officers will receive competitive starting salaries, generous benefits packages including paid sick and vacation time, continuing education funding, health insurance, and numerous advancement and promotional opportunities.

Those interested in joining the Hoboken Police Department are encouraged to fill out an application before March 31, 2023. After the application process closes eligible candidates will take the New Jersey Entry Level Law Enforcement Examination, undergo a background check and, if hired, be enrolled in the police academy.  

The Hoboken Police Department, established in 1855 as a seven-man police force, is one of the most progressive police agencies in the State with a complement of over 150 sworn and civilian personnel. The mission of the Hoboken Police Department is to provide professional police services to improve the quality of life of residents and visitors by establishing a community partnership to reduce and prevent crime.

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