December 8, 2016

Mayor Zimmer Signs Contract to Acquire BASF Property for Hoboken’s Largest Park

On Tuesday, December 6th, Mayor Dawn Zimmer signed the contract to acquire the 6-acre BASF property in northwest Hoboken.The property will be used to create what will become Hoboken’s largest park – a 5-acre “resiliency park” with a 1 million gallon underground stormwater detention system. The project is being planned in partnership with North Hudson Sewerage Authority which will separate the combined sewer system in the area surrounding new park and divert stormwater runoff to the new detention system. Often, the combined sewer system is overwhelmed during heavy rain events, resulting in backups into streets and private property. By keeping stormwater out of the combined sewer system, the project will further reduce localized flooding. The project will also include western Hoboken’s first municipal parking garage on the northernmost lot.