May 23, 2018

Mayor Bhalla Advocated on Transit Issues at NJ Transit Commuter Forum

Hoboken, NJ - Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Hoboken Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla appeared before New Jersey Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett and other NJT officials during their open forum in Hoboken on Monday to raise a range of transportation issues affecting Hoboken.

“I am continuing to fight to preserve our waterfront while assisting the State in identifying solutions to our regional mass transit challenges, and I discussed the future of the Union Dry Dock property,” said Bhalla. “However, as there are other mass transit challenges facing our community, I am also working towards improvements in bus, rail, and ferry service for our residents.

During his remarks to Director Corbett, Bhalla addressed four major transportation goals for Hoboken:

  • Additional service along the 126-bus line, including two additional routes to serve the growing population on the west side of Hoboken, traveling north and south along Madison and Monroe Streets;
  • Installation of new bus shelters and modernization of existing ones, including digital timing signalization for upcoming buses;
  • Redevelopment and activation of Hoboken’s train terminal, including the transformation of the under-utilized second floor as a world-class transportation and retail shopping hub;
  • Public subsidies for affordable ferry service, with the goal of reducing the price of a ferry ride to match the price of PATH and Subway rides.

Residents are encouraged to continue to voice their concerns to NJ Transit officials at future NJ Transit listening forums.