September 1, 2022

Hoboken to distribute over $750,000 in grant funding to Hoboken Housing Authority and non-profits

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla today announced the City of Hoboken will provide over$774,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to Hoboken non-profits and public agencies, that provide a variety of services to low-and moderate-income residents. 


The Hoboken Housing Authority will receive $628,927 for capital upgrades to replace facility boilers, improvelighting, and upgrades security systems.  


“We are proud to partner with the Hoboken HousingAuthority to provide funding for these much-needed upgrades,” said Mayor Bhalla. “I’m confident that whenimplemented, it will provide an important quality of life upgrade forresidents. I’m grateful for this allocation, which includes funds for our vitalnon-profits, and I thank Senator Menendez, Senator Booker, and CongressmanSires, as well as the City Council for their partnership in making thispossible.” 


“On behalf of the Residents and Commissioners of theHoboken Housing Authority, I would like to express our sincere gratitude forthe granting of funds through the CDBG Program," said Hoboken Housing AuthorityExecutive Director Marc Recko. "The CDBG funds allow HHAto upgrade the physical conditions and security systems of the Authority,allowing us to provide the living environment that HHA Residents deserve.” 


"These upgrades to the Hoboken Housing Authority arelong overdue," saidFourth Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos. "Thankyou to our federal partners, Mayor Bhalla, and my council colleagues, forworking with me to ensure HHA residents reap the benefits of over $500,000 offacility improvements."  


The City will distribute the remaining $145,137 to the following non-profitorganizations:  

·        Computers4 People 

·        The Hoboken Shelter 

·        The Act Now Foundation  

·        Community Lifestyle 

·        HOPES 

·        Hoboken Community Center 

·        True Mentors 

·        Hoboken Family Planning  



"Weappreciate the support of the City of Hoboken for allowing us to increase ourimpact and provide technology to those who need it,”saidComputers 4 People Founder Dylan Zajac.“Computers4 People will continue to bridge the digital divide for the Hoboken communityand beyond!" 


  “Community Lifestyle isgrateful and proud to make great use of our Community Development Block Grantfrom the City of Hoboken to help the most vulnerable children from the HobokenHousing Authority have a fulfilling and enriching summer at our summer camp,” saidLouis Quinones of Community Lifestyle, “We turn no child away because of aninability to pay. Our commitment to these bright and capable children is madepossible by the charitable support from our community and we thank the Mayorand the City for being part of that.”

CAPTION: Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla with Computers 4 People founder Dylan Zajac (right) and Sacha Chavez of Computers4 People (left).