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Transportation and Parking

This office is responsible for the management of all municipal transportation and parking services in Hoboken, including the Hoboken Parking Utility, pedestrian facilities and safety, bicycle facilities, The Hop shuttle buses, the Hoboken Corner Cars program, management of taxi and private shuttle operations, traffic control, signage and striping, and inter-agency coordination between the city and neighboring facilities such as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and NJ Transit.


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Transportation and Parking

Transportation and Parking

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No Car Required!

Welcome to Hoboken, one of the most walkable cities in America! We’ve made it so easy to live car-free and still have access to a car when you need one. Hoboken encourages all residents to consider living car-free by providing Corner Cars – cars available to rent by the hour on a corner near you – for when you need a car. We also provide discounts to residents for longer term car rentals, and of course Hoboken is incredibly easy to get around without a car since we have an excellent community shuttle system called, as well as bicycle lanes and parking all around the city. Besides, the city is much more exciting when you’re not behind a windshield!

Walkable Hoboken

Did you know that U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood recently cited Hoboken as an excellent example of a walkable city? In 2011, Hoboken was recognized as a Gold Level Walk-Friendly Community – one of only 11 communities recognized nationwide. And Hoboken is ranked 1st in the country by Walkscore.com, a website that evaluates the walkability of American cities. That’s right, your mile-square hometown is perhaps one of the easiest places to get around without a car in the entire country! We are working hard every day to protect pedestrian rights and safety, and to continue to explore ways to make walking the most convenient, enjoyable way to get around you can think of. Walking is healthy, free, and much more fun than driving around searching for parking. So get out from behind that windshield and take to the streets with the most sustainable form of transportation there is: your feet!


The next best way to get around Hoboken after walking is to ride your bike! Bicycling is green, it’s stress-free, and with more and more bike lanes going in every month, there’s no better time to start riding. For decades, streets seem to have been dedicated exclusively to cars, but Hoboken is making a concerted effort to better rationalize this valuable public space. The more people riding bikes in Hoboken, the more drivers will become familiar with them, so your choice to ride helps contribute to the balancing of the public use of our streets. But more importantly, bicycling is by far an easier way to get around Hoboken than driving. Give it a try!

Transit in Hoboken

Did you know that Hoboken has the highest percentage of transit ridership of any city in the country? To make it even easier for residents and visitors to use the wide range of transit services available in Hoboken, the City has created a map to show where transit options exist.

“The Hop” Community Shuttle Bus System

The City of Hoboken provides a community shuttle bus service called “The Hop” within two blocks of almost every resident. Local shuttle bus service is so easy and convenient, you can think twice before getting in the car to get around town. Our mini-transit system is called “The Hop”, because you can easily “hop on” and “hop off” at any intersection along the route. Each Hop route circuits the city in less than thirty minutes. That means it comes more often than before and is also more reliable. The simplified route also makes it easier for all residents to understand and use. The end result is that many more Hobokenites benefit from this improved service.

“Corner Cars” car-sharing

Unless you drive to work everyday, you don’t need a car in Hoboken! You can save thousands of dollars each year by giving up the car habit and signing up for Hoboken’s Corner Car program. What is it? The New York Times calls Corner Cars a “bold new experiment” to ease congestion that’s “about as convenient as car rental could ever be.” Once you’re a member (membership is free!) you can reserve any available car online or by phone for one hour or a week or more! Hourly rates begin at $5/hour and vary per car, but one thing is constant: you will save thousands of dollars versus owning a car in Hoboken! Corner Cars are conveniently parked in reserved on-street spaces throughout the city and available when you need them. Never worry about finding a parking space again! Click here for more details.

In addition to Corner Cars on-street, there are also dozens of ZipCars in municipal and private garages and lots around the city. With so many convenient car-sharing options, owning a car is a waste of time!

Parking in Hoboken

Parking in Hoboken is easier if you know the rules and where to go. There are various on-street and garage parking options for residents, their guests and employees, businesses, their employees and customers, and visitors to Hoboken. 

Municipal Parking Garages

There are five municipal parking garages in Hoboken. Residents have a choice for monthly parking at any of these locations (space permitting). Visitors can find convenient garage parking downtown along Hudson Street and midtown (Hospital area) on 4th Street. Click here for more details.

On-Street Parking

There are three kinds of on-street parking areas throughout Hoboken: Permit Parking (white signs), Resident-Only Permit Parking (green signs), and short term metered parking along business corridors. In addition, we have three indoor parking facilities that are for both residents and transient daily parking, as well as one indoor parking facility reserved exclusively for residents. Local regulations for fire zones, bus stops, driveways, loading, and deliveries may be encountered throughout the city. Please park responsibly and follow posted signs.

Resident, Business, Temporary, and Visitor parking permits can be obtained from the Parking Utility customer service window on the ground floor of City Hall. We recommend that you review these different permits and familiarize yourself with the two signs below to avoid tickets. 

Where Can I Park?

Cars with a valid Resident Parking Permit may park in areas designated by either the green “Residential Permit Parking” or the white “Permit Parking” signs.

Cars with a valid Business, Temporary, and Visitor Parking Permit may ONLY park in areas designated by the white “Permit Parking” signs.

All other vehicles can be parked in garages or in on-street metered parking zones.

Meters are enforced from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Please be aware that posted street cleaning signs and Temporary No Parking signs supersede normal meter hours of operation.

Temporary No Parking Signs

In addition to the regularly posted signs, please be aware that Temporary No Parking signs may be posted in permit parking zones with 72 hours notice. The Parking Utility recommends that you check the location of your car on a daily basis to avoid being ticketed and towed unnecessarily. Click here for additional information.

Parking Tickets

You can pay your parking tickets at the violations window on the ground floor of City Hall or online via this link.

Process to contest a parking ticket

Only a municipal judge can dismiss a parking ticket. If you believe you were issued a parking summons in error, please contact parking@hobokennj.gov to schedule a time to meet with a Parking Enforcement supervisor. Include a photo of your ticket, photos of the parking situation, if applicable, and any other relevant information. Based on the supervisor’s review, they may provide a written report to the court for the judge to take into consideration when making his or her determination. You will still need to schedule a court date and appear in court.

Body Worn Cameras

Parking Enforcement Officers are now equipped with body worn cameras in the City of Hoboken. These cameras have proven to be a valuable tool for many different agencies across the country by documenting hostile interactions experienced by officers, deescalating conflicts with members of the public, and creating accountability for officers. The use of body worn cameras by parking enforcement officers are governed by the policy and procedures established by the Department of Transportation and Parking.



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