November 7, 2022

Hoboken unveils "Technicolour," a mural by international artist Michelle Hoogveld

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, the Hoboken Business Alliance, and the Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee today unveiled "Technicolour," a 60-foot-tall, 225-foot-wide mural on the western façade of Garage B, by world-renowned artist Michelle Hoogveld.  

"Michelle's beautiful artwork breathes new life into an overlooked block of space and is a terrific addition to our public art collection," said Mayor Bhalla. "Thank you to Michelle, the Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee, and the Hoboken Business Alliance for partnering to provide this extraordinary mural to the residents of Hoboken."  

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Hoogveld is a Contemporary Visual Artist whose vibrant style is inspired by color theory, connection, and matters of the heart. Hoogveld completed "Technicolour," located on the east side of Hudson Street between First Street and Second Street, in just 15 days utilizing a crew of five muralists, two Elevated Work Platforms, and 1,510 cans of spray paint.  

"Immersed in a landscape of geometric shapes, the artwork explores the emotional resonance we have to colour and the ability to evoke feelings of happiness, joy, and genuine connection," said Hoogveld. "Layers overlap and come together in an expressive gradient of abstraction and form, uniting who we are within our surroundings and one's beautiful capacity to love."  

For the past four years, the Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee has thoughtfully scouted and identified locations for public art installations. Garage B was an ideal candidate for a facelift, according to Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee Chair Jon Vesey.

"When Mayor Bhalla created the committee in 2019, we surveyed the City for public art canvases and locations. The Municipal Garages were an obvious choice for public art but represented many hurdles," said Vesey. "When I became Chair in 2022, I initiated talks with the Hoboken Business Alliance to pool our financial, professional, and organizational resources. Mayor Bhalla welcomed the cooperative arrangement between the two organizations and the Michelle Hoogveld mural on Garage B is the first result of that partnership. We look forward to more exciting public art initiatives in 2023."  

The mural was funded by the Hoboken Business Alliance and the City's Public Arts Program Bond, which was established by an executive order in 2018 which mandates 1 percent of all city bond ordinances fund public art projects.  

"To say we gave Michelle a blank canvas is an understatement," said James Runkle, President of the Hoboken Business Alliance. "When we turned this project over to her, just weeks ago, this was a drab and unappealing sight. It was in no way a fitting welcome for those visitors and residents who use this area as a gateway into our City."  

"Today we stand here and see beauty, a true masterpiece, a work of art that, in its own unique way, says 'Welcome to Hoboken,'" Runkle continued. "Thanks to Michelle, Hoboken is now an even more beautiful place to shop in, dine in, and live in."  

The Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA) is a Special Improvement District established by the Hoboken City Council to improve the district's area and stimulate business in Hoboken. The HBA advocates for a safe, accessible and prosperous improvement district that attracts residents and visitors to shop, eat, play and stay in Hoboken. More information on the Hoboken Business Alliance is available at:  

The Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee acts as an advisory board to the Mayor and City Administration relating to all questions involving public art and the City of Hoboken Public Art Program. The Public Art Program seeks to create an enhanced visual environment for City of Hoboken residents, to commemorate the City's rich cultural and ethnic diversity, to integrate the work of artists into the development of the City's capital infrastructure improvements, and to promote tourism and economic vitality in the City through the artistic design of public spaces. More information on the committee is available at:  

The Hoboken City Council approved the mural by resolution on Sept. 21, 2022.