November 25, 2019

Hoboken releases results of e-scooter survey

The City of Hoboken released the results of the shared electric scooter end-of-pilot survey today. Approximately 2,100 people participated in the survey between October 23 and November 10, 2019. Hoboken’s Department of Transportation and Parking issued the survey to solicit feedback on the pilot program and guidance for the framework for any potential future e-scooter sharing programs. Among those who responded, 93% were Hoboken residents and 66% stated they had ridden a scooter at least once during the 6-month pilot program. According to the results of the survey, 74.5% of the respondents indicated they wanted the e-scooter sharing program to continue or continue with improvements to the program.

The survey findings will supplement an ongoing benchmarking study commissioned by the City, the creation of an ad-hoc micromobility advisory committee of City Councilmembers and representatives of the City’s Department of Transportation, and the issuance of a request for information from micromobility companies to provide further information to the City for a potential future e-scooter sharing program.

According to the results of the survey:

When asked if the e-scooter sharing program should continue in Hoboken, 48.5% of respondents agreed. 26% agreed, but with improvements to the program, and 25% disagreed.

44% of those surveyed said they had used e-scooters at least 10 times during the pilot, while 33% of those surveyed said they never used an e-scooter during the pilot.

77% indicated that before e-scooters were available they had never ridden in a bike in Hoboken. 79% said they had never ridden a Jersey Bike before the e-scooter pilot.

73% reported taking taxis and ride hailing less often during the pilot, and 60% reported driving less often during the pilot.

17% of riders said they would have driven and 55% would have taken a car-sharing service if e-scooters were not available.

163 respondents said they have reduced the number of cars owned by their households or delayed the purchase of one due to scooters. 203 respondents said they would consider it.

64% said that they agreed or strongly agreed that e-scooters make it easy to get around.

76% said that they agreed or strongly agreed that e-scooters were easy to find close to their home and 64% said finding an e-scooter on their last trip was not difficult.

73% agreed or strongly agreed that e-scooters made it easier to connect to public transit. Among e-scooter users in Hoboken, 49% said they used e-scooters to connect to public transit at least once per week.

Among business owners and managers surveyed, 86% said they or their employees used e-scooters to get to work and 65% of their customers used them to get to their business. Additionally, 60% of business owners and managers agreed that e-scooters made it easier for people to reach their business.

Survey results pertaining to improvements to the e-scooter program and bike lanes:

68% said that they agreed or strongly agreed that e-scooters should be better regulated. 60% said that they would like to see more enforcement in a future e-scooter program.

The largest share of riders surveyed said that their top preference for where to ride was on streets with protected bike lanes such as Sinatra Drive and Observer Highway.

88% said they would feel safer riding in the street if protected bike lanes were present and 55% said safe infrastructure would encourage them to ride e-scooters more often.

44% of all respondents said that they would like to see safer infrastructure in a future e-scooter program, which was the most popular response after increased enforcement and resident discounts when prompted on potential changes.

The full results of the survey can be found by clicking here.