October 26, 2023

Hoboken Public Safety Department offers Halloween Safety Tips

As Halloween approaches, the Hoboken Public Safety Department, which is made up of the City’s Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), reminds revelers of all ages to follow best practices and tips for a safe and healthy holiday.

The Hoboken Police Department asks drivers to reduce their speed, be alert for trick-or-treaters, turn on headlights, stop before crosswalks, and remember that the city-wide speed limit is 20 mph. The City of Hoboken does not permit block parties on Halloween; and residents are reminded to walk on sidewalks and to cross only in crosswalks. All are reminded to avoid gathering, walking, or crowding in the streets. Officers will be forced to close streets when too many pedestrians create a safety hazard for themselves, and for drivers. When choosing or making a costume, use reflective materials so revelers are more visible to drivers at night. Those attending Halloween themed gatherings are reminded to celebrate responsibly and to not drink and drive.

Halloween can present some scary fire safety hazards, so the Hoboken Fire Department encourages residents to take simple steps, including keeping flammable decorations away from open flames and heat sources. Make sure exits and escape routes are not blocked by decorations. Parents and guardians should choose costumes that are flame resistant, teach kids about the dangers of open flames, and be sure to extinguish candles when you are not present. Residents should consider using glow sticks or electric candles to light jack-o-lanterns to prevent an accidental fire. Haunted mansions or similar structures are prohibited from being built or erected for public attendance, without a fire permit.

Avoid having to call EMS by being extra cautious when carving! Leave the pumpkin carving to adults. Children can help by scooping out the insides or decorating in other ways. When choosing costumes, make sure they fit properly and are not too long to prevent trips and falls. Make sure masks allow for adequate breathing and full visibility or consider makeup over face coverings. Carry a flashlight or glow stick to brighten your path when it gets dark. Tell your littlest goblins to avoid eating treats until they get home and get permission from an adult, to help avoid food allergies.

“Whether it’s trick-or-treating on Halloween night, or costume parties over the weekend, we ask all our residents to take these simple precautions as they celebrate,” said Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante. “This will help ensure a fun-filled and safe Hoboken Halloween, keeping the screams, scares, and spooks all in the spirit of fun.”

Find even more Halloween safety tips from the National Safety Council here:https://www.nsc.org/community-safety/safety-topics/seasonal-safety/autumn-safety/halloween.

Halloween Safety 2023

Halloween Fire Safety Tips from NFPA