February 11, 2020

Hoboken launches new virtual visitor parking permits

The Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) today announced the soft launch of the Virtual Visitor Parking (VVP) permit system. All residents with a valid permit and HPU online account are eligible to purchase and activate virtual visitor permits online. This enhanced system allows visitor permits to be purchased from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone, offering a faster and more convenient way for Hoboken residents to purchase and manage their visitor permits. The system is 100% online and provides real time activation at any time, so a visit to the HPU office is no longer required to purchase visitor permits.

Virtual Visitor Permits provide several benefits over the scratch off visitor hang tags, including:

Convenience: purchase and activate from any internet-enabled device - no need to visit City Hall and the HPU customer service window to purchase or pick up scratch off hangs and no need for a trip out to your vehicle to place a hang tag on the rearview mirror
Notifications system: your visitors can receive a text message upon VVP activation and an alert 30 minutes prior to the expiration of the permit
Future-date activations: no need to wait for your guest to arrive in Hoboken - VVPs can be activated for a future date and time so that your guests have valid visitor permits the moment they enter Hoboken
Flexibility: choose a visitor permit duration that better fits the length of time your guest is visiting. With VVPs, you can select 4-hour permits, 8-hour permits, or 24-hour permits
Online account history and permit management portal: never worry about misplacing hang tags or trying to figure out your usage history again. Now you can easily see a record of your virtual visitor permit purchases and activations, and unused activations are simply stored in your online account.

The new system also helps residents and visitors avoid Temporary No Parking areas by providing an easy-to-use, interactive map. The map displays current and future Temporary No Parking areas which enables residents to inform their guests ahead of time of which areas to avoid when they look for a parking space.

All Hoboken residents are encouraged to participate in the soft launch. Participating residents can login to the City of Hoboken HPU Online website to purchase visitor permits and then visit the new Virtual Permit Activation portal to activate them. Afterwards, they will be invited to complete a short survey about the process of purchasing and activation.

The scratch off visitor hang tags will still be sold by HPU through December 31, 2020 and may be used through December 31, 2021.

To learn more about the new Virtual Visitor Parking permit system, including “how-to” videos and an FAQ section, please visit: https://www.hobokennj.gov/resources/virtual-visitor-parking-permits-vvp.