April 3, 2019

Hoboken awarded $937,945 in transportation funding

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has awarded the City of Hoboken $937,945 for transportation funding through the State’s 2019 “Municipal Aid Program.”  This funding will be used by the City for various transportation projects including road repaving, the implementation of complete streets, and pedestrian safety upgrades related to Hoboken’s “Vision Zero”.

“Upgrading our transportation infrastructure, especially our road repaving and pedestrian safety initiatives, are major priorities for my administration,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “This funding will help fund our proactive road repaving schedule, with over 100 blocks planned to be repaved in the City this year.  I thank Governor Murphy and the State DOT for this generous award.”

Over the past two years, the City has received nearly $2 million combined in funding from the Municipal Aid Program, which is more than double the City received in previous years.

Hoboken’s initial road repaving schedule for 2019 can be found here.