March 18, 2019

Hoboken to repave 100 blocks of roads in 2019

Today, Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla and the City of Hoboken announced the list of roads to be repaved in 2019.  Hoboken, with the assistance of Hudson County, PSE&G and the North Hudson Sewerage Authority will be paving 100 blocks, corresponding to over 9 miles.  With 36 miles of roads in Hoboken, over 25% of Hoboken streets will be repaved in 2019.  

“Improving our infrastructure is a major priority for my administration, and our aggressive repaving schedule will help maintain Hoboken’s streets for years to come,” said Mayor Bhalla. “Thank you to Hudson County, PSE&G and North Hudson Sewerage Authority for working with my administration as we continue to upgrade our roads.”

In addition to the repaving of City and County streets, PSE&G is repaving up to three miles as a part of the 12th Street sub-station project.  The City is also replacing up to $4 million in water mains, with repaving of the roads to take place shortly after.  The paving for the remainder of the Washington Street is estimated to be completed this spring.

Hoboken’s 2019 Estimated Repaving Schedule

Spring/Summer, 2019

1st Street (Marshall Street – Hudson Street)
2nd Street (Monroe Street – Jackson Street)
4th Street (Grand Street – Monroe Street)
5th Street (Jefferson Street – Grand Street)
11th Street (Willow Avenue – Park Avenue)
12th Street (Monroe Street – Madison Street)
Bloomfield Street (2nd Street – 4th Street)
Jefferson Street (4th Street – 12th Street)
Monroe Street (2nd Street – 3rd Street, 4th Street – 7th Street, 8th Street – 11th Street)
Paterson Avenue (NJ Transit RR – Monroe Street)
Willow Avenue (Observer Highway – 11th Street)
Washington Street (11th Street – 15th Street)

Fall, 2019

7th Street (Garden Street – Hudson Street, Monroe Street – Clinton Street)
8th Street (Monroe Street – Jefferson Street)
9th Street (Monroe Street – Madison Street)
10th Street (Madison Street – Jefferson Street)
Clinton Street (7th Street – 8th Street, Newark Street – 6th Street)
Garden Street (12th Street – 14th Street, 3rd Street – 5th Street, Observer Highway – 2nd Street)
Grand Street (6th Street – 9th Street, Newark Street – 5th Street)
Madison Street (8th Street – 11th Street)

Note: Timeframes are estimated based on assumptions regarding bid schedules and contractor availability and are therefore subject to change.