July 1, 2022

City of Hoboken to launch Sinatra Drive Summer Streets

The City of Hoboken today announced the popular Summer Streets program will return to Sinatra Drive this year.    

On every Sunday, starting on July 10, Sinatra Drive from Fourth Street to Hudson Street and Sinatra Drive North to 11th Street will be closed to vehicular traffic between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to provide additional, protected outdoor space for activities including biking, walking, jogging, and more. The program will conclude on Sunday, Aug. 28.  

“Our open and summer streets have been proven to be a big hit with our residents and visitors,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “Whether you are teaching your child to ride a bike, taking a jog, or simply going for a walk, I invite everyone to take advantage of the safe spaces we are providing on Sundays on Sinatra Drive.”  

“Bike Hoboken has always been supportive of open streets, and we are happy to see the program return,” said Chris Adair, President of Bike Hoboken. “It will be great to have Sinatra Drive be an open, safe space for bicyclists and pedestrians.”

The safe public spaces, free from vehicles, is a part of the City’s Vision Zero campaign to improve public safety and eliminate all traffic-related deaths and injuries in Hoboken by 2030.  

Residents will be permitted to park their cars on Sinatra Drive prior to each Sunday.  

For more information and a Summer Streets map go to https://www.hobokennj.gov/resources/summer-streets.  

The City is also investing in improvements to the waterfront boulevard officially launching the Sinatra Drive Redesign project in March. The project will transform Sinatra Drive from Fourth Street to 11th Street utilizing $1.2 million in New Jersey Department of Transportation funding to improve access, connectivity, and safety through Vision Zero and complete street strategies.  

To learn more about the Sinatra Drive Redesign project, go to www.hobokennj.gov/SinatraDriveRedesign.