November 9, 2023

City of Hoboken conducts Climate Stocktake, “mini-COP” to further climate action

The City of Hoboken completed its first Climate Stocktake & “mini-COP”, an inclusive and collaborative event that brought together nearly 50 stakeholders, to evaluate the City’s climate action and sustainability initiatives. This crucial assessment will be used to identify gaps and update the City’s Climate Action Plan, originally drafted in 2019, to help accelerate efforts to combat climate change.  

"Our recent Climate Stocktake is a powerful testament to Hoboken's collective commitment to a sustainable future,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “We understand the need to reevaluate our Climate Action Plan to ensure our city is best prepared for the challenges of tomorrow, while promoting climate justice and equity. I thank all the residents and community members who participated. Your invaluable input will help us as we move forward to updating our Climate Action Plan in the year ahead and I look forward to gathering more feedback from the community in the coming months."

The Climate Stocktake & mini-COP, comprised of stakeholders from local academic institutions, municipal offices, volunteer organizations, youth organizations, and the business community, featured three roundtable discussions, each focusing on a vital aspect of climate action:

  • Where We Are: Participants discussed Hoboken's current standing on climate action and support, identifying achievements, successes, and areas that require improvement.
  • Where We Want to Go: The roundtable focused on the collective vision for Hoboken's sustainable and resilient future, discussing ambitious goals and targets for climate action.
  • How We Get There by Following a Climate-Justice Path: Participants explored the strategies and actions necessary to mitigate Hoboken’s impacts on the climate while prioritizing climate justice and inclusivity.

City planners will analyze feedback gathered from the Climate Stocktake & mini-COP to inform future policies, legislative measures, and projects. The insights gathered will also contribute to the global conversation on climate action through Hoboken’s participation in the upcoming COP28 in Dubai.  

Hoboken's recent Climate Action Plan initiatives have also included an expansion of Hoboken’s residential composting drop-off program, launch of the City’s textile recycling drop-off program, expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, providing renewable electricity for homeowners up to 100 percent, launching a new community solar program with the Hoboken Housing Authority, and banning plastic bags and Styrofoam.  

For more information on the City’s Climate Action Plan, go to