March 11, 2022

​City of Hoboken announces 2022 resurfacing and complete streets program

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla today announced that the City of Hoboken will upgrade over 80 blocks of road infrastructure this year utilizing state funding and partnerships with Hudson County and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The roadway repaving and infrastructure upgrades will incorporate various Vision Zero ​and complete streets safety improvements including high-visibility crosswalks, ​curb extensions, ADA​-compliant ramps ​at crosswalks,​accessible pedestrian signals, ​enhanced bicycle facilities, drainage improvements, and more, to increase safety and accessibility for all modes of transportation.  

“We’re taking significant steps to upgrade not only our underground infrastructure through our water main projects and Rebuild by Design, but also repaving our roads once certain sections of those projects are completed,” said Mayor Bhalla. “And we’re making sure that our roadway repaving incorporates important Vision Zero upgrades to improve pedestrian safety for all users, another important priority for my administration.”  

Of the 82 blocks scheduled for improvements, 33 blocks are scheduled for the spring and 49 are scheduled for the fall.

Starting next month, Hudson County will repave 16 blocks of Hudson Street from 14th Street to Observer Highway. These blocks on Hudson Street were previously upgraded with new, modern water mains as a part of Hoboken’s water main replacement project.  

The City will use $734,000 of grant funding from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to repave a total of 12 blocks including Second Street from Clinton Street to River Street, Third Street from Park Avenue to Washington Street, and Sixth Street from Jackson Street to Madison Street.  

Additionally, this spring the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Rebuild by Design team will repave and restore five blocks of roads and intersections where underground sewer infrastructure was upgraded. This includes River Street from Hudson Place to Newark Street, Newark Street from River Street to Sinatra Drive, Hudson Place from Hudson Street to River Street, Hudson Street from 14th Street to 15th Street, 14th Street from Washington Street to Hudson Street, the intersection of River Street and First Street, and the intersection of River Street and Third Street.  

This fall, the City intends to repave 16 blocks of roadways utilizing NJDOT grant funding of $809,500 including Eighth Street from Willow Avenue to Hudson Street, Ninth Street from Madison Street to Willow Avenue, 10th Street from Grand Street to Park Avenue, and 11th Street from Adams Street to Willow Avenue.  

Hudson County is also planning to repave Park Avenue from Observer Highway to 16th Street, Garden Street from Second Street to 12th Street, and 14th from Park Avenue to Sinatra Drive in the fall.  

In 2019, Mayor Bhalla adopted Hoboken’s Vision Zero safety campaign to eliminate all traffic related deaths and injuries by 2030.  

Over the past four years, Hoboken has had no traffic related fatalities.    

More information about construction project schedules will be posted to the City’s Construction Updates page at  

To see a map of active road closures in Hoboken due to construction, visit