May 17, 2021

Virtual community meeting on Citi Bike expansion into Hoboken, Thursday 6 pm.

Interested in learning more about the expansion of Citi Bike into Hoboken or have any questions? Citi Bike will be hosting a virtual community meeting via Zoom this Thursday, May 20, from 6-7 PM.  All attendees will receive a free Citi Bike day pass. Advance registration is required via this link:

For additional information about bike share in Hoboken, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit or see below.

Citi Bike FAQ

1. How do I rent a Citi Bike? Visit the Lyft Help center link here for details.

2. Are there discounts available? Yes, visit Citi Bike’s pricing page here for more details.

3. How much is an annual Citi Bike membership and how do I purchase one? Currently, an annual membership is $179. To purchase a membership, visit Citi Bike’s website.

4. How can I find the nearest Citi Bike dock? You can use the Citi Bike and Lyft mobile apps and the Citi Bike website to check real-time dock and bicycle availability across the entire system. This information is also available on Google and Apple maps.

5. How many bikes can I rent with my membership? Members can only rent a bike for themselves.

6. How old do I need to be to purchase a membership? All users must be 16 or older to ride a Citi Bike in New Jersey, it is the law that cyclists under the age of 17 wear a helmet while riding.

7. How old do I need to be to rent a bike?  All users must be 16 or older to ride a Citi Bike In New Jersey, it is the law that cyclists under the age of 17 wear a helmet while riding.

8. What do I do if the dock is empty? Check the Citi Bike or Lyft app for nearby bike and dock availability.

9. What do I do if the dock is full? Check the Citi Bike or Lyft app for nearby bike and dock availability. If the station is full and you are trying to dock a bike, you can request extra time at the kiosk.

10.  What do I do if a bike is damaged? Please stop riding the bike and dock it at the nearest station and press the button on the dock with a wrench symbol on it. This will turn the light on the dock red so no one else can use the bike before Citi Bike technicians can fix it.

11.  How much does it cost to ride? Citi Bike offers a variety of price structures. Visit this link for the most up-to-date pricing.

12.  Can I park the bike anywhere? No, you must return the bike to a Citi Bike dock to end your trip.

13.  What do I do if I find a bike parked outside the dock? Visit the Lyft Help center link here for details.

14.  What is a pedal assist ebike? In both the app and on the bike, lightning bolts designate Citi Bike’s pedal assist ebikes. With speeds up to 18mph, Lyft’s pedal-assist technology kicks in automatically once you start pedaling. Meet the Citi Bike ebike here.

15.  How many ebikes are there in Hoboken? Hoboken and Jersey City share a fleet of 820 bikes, 40% of which are ebikes. The total ebike fleet will be phased in over 120 days to maximize safety.

16.  I already have a membership for Citi Bike in New York City, do I need to purchase another one for Hoboken? No, New York City’s bike share system extends to Jersey City and Hoboken in New Jersey. As an Annual Member, you have access to the entire system. So even if you live in Hoboken but hang out in New York City, one membership has got you covered!

17.  How does bike share benefit Hoboken? Bike share provides a convenient, sustainable, and healthy way to complete first and last mile connections to transit, run errands, and socialize with family and friends. The addition of bike share makes it easy to get around Hoboken without a vehicle, reducing congestion, parking demand, and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, bike share can be a cost-effective and convenient alternative to purchasing your own bike, as you will not need to worry about bike theft or maintenance.

18. Can I ride on the sidewalk? In Hoboken, you cannot ride an ebike on the sidewalk. For non-ebike riders, Hoboken law permits riding on the sidewalk, but you must yield to pedestrians and ride no faster than pedestrian walking speeds while riding on sidewalks.

19. When will all 29 docking stations be installed in Hoboken? Citi Bike plans to phase in stations on a weekly basis between now and June.

20. Do I need a driver’s license to purchase a membership or ride a  Citi Bike? No. You do not.

21. Can an ebike run out of battery power during my ride? If it does, will I still be able to pedal? You'll be able to see the battery level of ebikes in the app so you can best plan your ride.

22. Why did Hoboken choose Citi Bike for its new bike share program? Between 201 In 2020, Hoboken and Jersey City released a request for proposals for a combined bike share program. Upon reviewing proposals, the cities chose Citi Bike based on several factors, including interoperability with New York City’s bike share program, which is the largest in the country; familiarity with the program among Hoboken & Jersey City residents, as Lyft (Citi Bike) already operated Jersey City and New York City’s bike share programs; and a high level of confidence that Citi Bike would deliver a bike share program that increases accessibility to cycling and convenience among both cities’ residents.

23. How can I get answers to addition questions or report issues with the bike share program? For questions or comments about bike share in Hoboken, email Use 311 to report any issues.