August 9, 2018

Villalba, Puerto Rico Mayor Visiting Hoboken to Learn More About Hurricane Recovery

The City of Hoboken is welcoming Villalba, Puerto Rico Mayor Luis Javier "Javy" Hernández Ortiz and members of his staff to the Mile Square City on Friday, August 10 as part of a mayoral exchange program. Hernández Ortiz and his staff will tour Hoboken to learn about the impact of Hurricane Sandy and how Hoboken accessed public and private funds to rebuild the City. 

Earlier this summer, Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla traveled to Villalba to see how the mountain town was affected by Hurricane Maria and what unique challenges its residents now face. The program is funded by Open Society Foundations and comes at no cost to taxpayers. 

“We all remember the devastating impact Hurricane Sandy had on our city,” said Bhalla. “Nearly a year after Hurricane Maria, Villalba still needs help. Sadly, our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico have been abandoned by a federal government that has shirked its responsibility to the island. I hope that our insight and experience can help the people of Villalba get back on their feet.” 

The day begins with an interview with PIX11 at 7:10 a.m., live from Sinatra Park. Mayor Bhalla was chosen as PIX11’s Hometown Hero, and the interview will include a discussion about the importance of the visit. 

Throughout the day, Mayor Hernández Ortiz and his staff will meet with various state and municipal experts who will work with him on financial and logistical strategies for recovery.

Mayors Hernández Ortiz and Bhalla