October 18, 2021

The City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Business Alliance unveil new mural

Today, the City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Business Alliance unveiled a new historically influenced mural by world-renowned artist Beau Stanton at 51 Newark St., officially launching the HBA’s comprehensive Mural Arts Program.

“While we have been inspired by the surge of street art in major cities around the country, we are committed to crafting a public art program that is unique to Hoboken and all the things that make us a distinct city,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “Murals like this have the power to transform space, fund the creative economy, and will help to tell the stories of Hoboken’s rich history and evolving present. I look forward to collaborating with the HBA on their future public art installations.”

“At HBA, our mission is to energize and enhance Hoboken’s business environment, with the goal of creating a beautiful, art-filled city with a vibrant business district,” said Gregory Dell’Aquila, President of the HBA. “As seen in metropolitan cities all over the world, as well as in neighboring Jersey City, we know that murals will help enhance the landscape of one of America’s most walkable cities. We are proud to curate this mural and collaborate with the City of Hoboken to create something special for our community.”

The 70’ x 45’ mural unveiled at the corner of Newark Street and Hudson Street depicts Hoboken’s founder John Stevens peering through the Tiffany-stained glass that intermingles with the beaux-arts ornamentation prominently featured in the Hoboken Terminal.  

While the mural took Stanton approximately seven days to complete, he spent several weeks researching the history of Hoboken and traversing the immediate surroundings, taking inspiration from the rich historical details present in the varied architecture of the neighborhood.  

Other notable elements of the mural include stained glass ceilings inspired by the First National Bank of Hoboken and the bust of Hathor, the Egyptian sky deity featured on the top of the Terminal Building and neighboring 70 Hudson St. that was originally constructed in 1911.

“I’ve had the privilege of creating murals in various communities around the world, so it is very important for me to create imagery and themes that are site-specific and deeply rooted to the neighborhoods I’m working in,” said Stanton. “My studio is just across the river, so I was familiar with the unique charm Hoboken has. I was really honored and excited that the HBA and the City of Hoboken chose me to create the HBA’s inaugural mural for what hopefully grows into a more robust arts program.”  

Through the Hoboken Business Alliance and its mural subcommittee, new locations will be identified for future mural installations to help grow the presence of public art throughout the City.

Since 2019, the City has worked to increase the number of public art installations following the unveiling of artist Ricardo Roig’s “Michael Chang, Hoboken Hero” mural at the Columbus Park Tennis Courts and Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s establishment of the City’s first Arts Advisory Committee.

Since that time, the City unveiled 15 murals as part of the committee’s Art Box Mural Project, and by the end of the year, three new murals are scheduled to be painted at Church Square Park and Tom Olivieri Park.

Further, at the annual Waterfront Arts Gala earlier this month, Mayor Bhalla unveiled two new public art installations scheduled to be installed this year: a 6-foot-tall bronze statue of Frank Sinatra by sculptor Carolyn D. Palmer and a new interactive public art exhibit by resident Greg Brehm called Operation Sit-in.

The City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Business Alliance unveiled a 70’ x 45’ mural influenced by the City’s rich history and architecture by artist Beau Stanton.