September 18, 2019

Public invited to North End community meeting

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla invites members of the public to the second community meeting regarding the preparation of a redevelopment plan for the North End Rehabilitation Area. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 24th at 6:30 pm at the Elysian Charter School (1460 Garden St.). The purpose of the meeting is to solicit feedback in order to create a North End Redevelopment Plan, which will establish the development framework for an area of approximately 30 acres in Northwest Hoboken. The consultant team will present and discuss the preferred plan and draft recommendations.

The inclusive planning process for the project includes coordination with the City, property owners, and stakeholders to develop an implementable vision for the area. The first community meeting was held on March 14th. Over 100 community members including residents, stakeholders and City representatives attended the meeting and participated in the interactive sessions related to land use, market feasibility, development program, multi-modal circulation and parking, sustainable infrastructure, and community amenities. The consultant team incorporated the feedback received and have been developing preliminary recommendations for the North End.

The North End is envisioned to become “A Visionary, Resilient, & Innovative Mixed-Use District” with:

• Attractive and flexible public spaces;
• A balanced mix of land uses (employment; residential; services and amenities);
• Expanded transit and mobility options and shared parking strategies to reduce vehicular traffic;
• Innovative and resilient infrastructure to manage stormwater and reduce energy use;
• A unique destination that creates a vibrant day and night atmosphere;
• A district rich with community services and amenities to support current and future residents and visitors;
• A truly Hoboken destination with opportunities to live, work, and play in the North End.

The meeting will include a brief presentation followed by an open house where participants will be able to visit stations organized by theme and provide input on the Preferred Plan Option & Draft Recommendations.

The planning and design team will utilize the input received from the public workshop to refine the plan and develop final recommendations to be presented to the Planning Board for adoption. All members of the public are invited to attend and provide their input.