May 23, 2018

Mayor Bhalla Signs Expanded Paid Parental Leave Executive Order

Hoboken, NJ - Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Hoboken Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla signed an executive order on Wednesday to ensure the full earned salary of City employees on parental leave by supplementing weekly wages provided through New Jersey Family Leave Insurance.

The state insurance program pays up to 2/3 of a person’s salary with a cap at $637 per week. Bhalla’s executive order will have the City make up the difference, allowing the City employee to receive their full wages while on parental leave.

“This is a common-sense policy,” said Bhalla. “A family’s expenses go up after having a child, so helping our employees maintain their income level while caring for a baby is good for the child, good for our employees, and good for the community.”

The policy became effective immediately upon signing. Anna Seguinot is the Legal Secretary in Hoboken’s Office of Corporation Counsel and was present for the executive order signing.

“I want to thank Mayor Bhalla for signing this executive order,” said Seguinot, who is expecting her first child, “as it now allows me to focus on being a new mom and not on whether I am going to be able to pay my bills during my maternity leave.”

Ryan Sharp, Director of Transportation and Parking, is expecting his second child and was also present for the signing.

“It was tough after our first child, trying to cobble together vacation and sick time to care for my newborn,” said Sharp, whose wife is pregnant with their second child. “This is a huge step forward for Hoboken caregivers, because it’s so important to spend time bonding with a baby and being there for the milestones. I’m proud to work for a city that looks out for its employees.”

To be eligible, a person must have served as a full-time City employee for at least one year at the time of applying for Paid Parental Leave. The employee must also be approved for the Family Medical Leave Act or the New Jersey Family Leave Act as well as the Family Leave Insurance provision of the NJ Temporary Disability Benefits Law or subsequent amendments, and they must not have used this benefit within a 12-month period.

Ryan Sharp, Mayor Bhalla, and Anna Seguinot