December 12, 2018

Mayor Bhalla, Homelessness Task Force, Super Satya unveil homeless donation meters

Yesterday, Mayor Ravi Bhalla, the Hoboken Homelessness Task Force, and young activists including “Super Satya” unveiled new homelessness donation meters located across the City. 8 new meters were placed in strategic locations throughout the City. 100% of the donations collected by the new meters will be administered by the United Way, and will directly benefit Hoboken homelessness initiatives.

“It’s important to always lend a hand to those needing assistance, especially our homeless population.  I’m thrilled these new donation meters will play a small part in helping fund homeless initiatives, including those of the Hoboken Shelter.  This is one step forward for Hoboken addressing chronic homelessness, and I thank the Homelessness Task Force for all their hard work on addressing this critical issue, and Super Satya and her team for helping us spread the word today.”

The new donation meters are located at the following locations:

1. Hudson Place (PATH)
2. Newark Street and Hudson Street (Starbucks)
3. Washington Street and First (City Hall)
4. Washington Street and Third (McDonald’s)
5. Willow Ave, b/w Third and Fourth (CarePoint)
6. Fifth Ave and Park Ave (Church Square Park, across from the Public Library)
7. Madison Street and Tenth Street (Shop Rite)
8. Sinatra Drive North and 14th Street (14th Street Ferry)

The meters were installed at no cost to Hoboken taxpayers, as the actual meters were provided free of charge by IPS Group, the poles donated by Hudson Pride, and Print Hoboken donating the stickers with instructions on the meters.  The meters currently accept credit cards as the primary method of payment. Residents and visitors can text “GIVE” to 201-733-4196 to donate directly to the Hoboken Shelter, and instructions for this texting option can be found directly on each meter.  Every $2 donated to the Hoboken shelter funds one meal.

The Homelessness Task Force recommended donation meters to provide residents who are concerned about homelessness the option to donate directly to the United Way, which will in turn become allocated for Hoboken homeless initiatives.  

For more information on Hoboken’s Homelessness Task Force and initiatives, please visit

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