September 17, 2020

Mayor Bhalla, Fire Chief Crimmins seek support from residents for grant application to remove sunken sail boats

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla and Hoboken Fire Chief Brian Crimmins today announced the City’s intention to apply for a grant to help fund the removal of sunken sail boats in the Hudson River. The City has submitted a letter of intent to prepare a grant application to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the project, and is requesting support from Hoboken residents. If successful, the City could be awarded more than $104,000 from NOAA.

Residents can show their support for the grant application by signing onto the letter below from Mayor Bhalla, Chief Crimmins and Hoboken Director of Environmental Services Jennifer Gonzalez by clicking here or visiting The letter will then be provided as a part of the City’s application to NOAA.

Letter from Mayor Bhalla, Chief Crimmins, Director Jennifer Gonzalez and Hoboken residents to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

September 17, 2020

Dr. Neil Jacobs
Assistant Secretary of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1401 Constitution Avenue NW, Room 5128
Washington, DC 20230

Dear Dr. Jacobs,

Please accept this letter of support for the City's application to the FY2021 Marine Debris Removal Grant to remove sunken boats from Weehawken Cove. As residents of the City of Hoboken, we are fully supportive of this effort to create a safer, cleaner, and more beautiful shoreline.

As you may know, currently there are 17 boats that have been abandoned in the Hudson River. This is of concern to our community, as not only are the sunken boats an eyesore for residents and visitors, but they are contributing to pollution in the Hudson River and adversely impacting marine life.

The City is partnering with Riverkeeper, a 53-year old non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and restore the Hudson River, and is seeking funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to remove these 17 sunken vessels from Weehawken Cove and the Hudson River. Removing abandoned and derelict vessels will eliminate the potential release of harmful metals and chemicals, such as oil and mercury, as well as plastics and fiberglass as they deteriorate, thereby reducing the harm caused to the Hudson River.

Removing sunken vessels is part of the City’s overall initiative to improve Weehawken Cove, including:

-Construction of Cove Park, a resiliency park thatenhances our flood mitigation infrastructure.

-Installation of a living shoreline that supportsgrowth of marine mollusks that naturally filter water and attract a more robustmarine habitat.

-Educational activities and volunteeropportunities to restore and maintain critical wildlife ecology.

-Possible installation of a reef in or nearWeehawken Cove.

-Ongoing maintenance of Hoboken’s waterfront walkwaythrough public/private partnerships

Hoboken would greatly benefit from this grant funding, and we appreciate your time and attention to this request.


Ravi S. Bhalla, Hoboken Mayor
Brian Crimmins, Hoboken Fire Chief
Jennifer Gonzalez, Director of Environmental Services
Hoboken residents (click here to sign-on)