November 24, 2021

Hoboken receives perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign for its LGBTQ+ policies

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla today announced that the City of Hoboken received a perfect 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Municipal Equality Index (MEI), annual examination of more than 500 municipalities across the United States relating to LGBTQ+ laws and policies. This marks the fourth year in a row in which the City received the prestigious score as Hoboken is one of four municipalities in New Jersey to earn a 100% rating from the HRC.

“For the fourth year in a row, we’ve achieved a 100% score from the Human Right Campaign for our commitment to advancing LGBTQ+ equality in Hoboken,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “I am proud that we are continuing to lead the way within New Jersey with LGBTQ+ inclusive laws as we continue to be recognized as one of four cities across the state with a 100% rating. We will continue to advance and protect the rights of our LGBTQ+ residents to ensure that Hoboken will remain an inclusive place that all can be proud to call home.”

"The city of Hoboken is committed to advancing policies that are inclusive and protective of the rights of LGBTQ+ residents and visitors,” said Elizabeth Schedl, Executive Director of the Hudson Pride Center. “We at Hudson Pride Center are proud to be a partner to the city and of the recognition from the Human Rights Campaign with a perfect score on the Municipal Equality Index!"

“Garden State Equality is proud to work alongside Hudson Pride in helping to shape Hoboken into a more safe and friendly place to live for all LGBTQ+ residents,” said Christian Fuscarino, Executive Director of Garden State Equality. “We look forward to continuing our advocacy at the local level across the state of New Jersey to increase inclusivity and provide a better, safer place for the LGBTQ+ community. By starting at the local level, we can make sweeping changes across our great state, and we are excited to do exactly that.”

“I would like to thank Mayor Bhalla, our Hoboken community, as well as our family, friends and alliances throughout Hudson County, for their continued support, acceptance, and willingness to learn more about our LGBTQ community for without their support we cannot continue to thrive and grow with one another as a community,” said Laura Knittel, the City’s LGBTQ+ Community Liaison. “But, let’s not forget that this year, in 2021, 375 Transgender people have been murdered, around the world and it is now considered the ‘Deadliest Year’ on record. So, there is still much more work to be done. And now that our local community has maintained a high score with HRC, we should consider branching out beyond our borders to teach others on how we get it done and to ask how we can continue to help them thrive. It’s been an honor and a gift to work alongside Mayor Bhalla as the City’s LGBTQ Liaison these past few years, and I am here to serve! Please reach out to me, stay safe, remember Love is Love, and be kind to one another.”

Under Mayor Bhalla’s leadership, the City has created an LGBTQ+ community liaison, instituted Hoboken Pride Week, mandated that all single occupancy restrooms be gender neutral, and the Mayor signed an executive order preventing discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community and other minority groups for city contractors.

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Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, Hudson Pride Center, elected officials and residents after painting the Pride crosswalks near City Hall in celebration of Pride Month.