May 13, 2020

Hoboken launches Economic Recovery Task Force

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla today signed an executive order establishing a Hoboken economic recovery task force to provide assistance to the City and the Hoboken business community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The task force, consisting of leaders in various local industries in Hoboken, will provide recommendations on advancing a gradual reopening that is safe for business employees, customers, and the City of Hoboken. While the State of New Jersey will determine the regulations and timelines of an eventual re-opening, the City and newly established task force seek to craft advisory guidelines on a local level that assists businesses to the greatest extent possible.

“As Hoboken prepares for a gradual re-opening as determined by the State, we must ensure that it is done so in the safest manner possible for both our residents and small businesses,” said Mayor Bhalla. “The task force we established today will be asked to share recommendations to the City and our businesses that prioritizes the health and safety of our community. I’m greatly appreciative to the task force members for this collaborative approach, and thank them for providing this service to our City.”

The task force will be co-chaired by Grace Sciancalepore, owner of Leo’s Grandevous, and Anthony Pino, owner of Anthony David’s and Bin 14, while Director Leo Pellegrini and Director Jennifer Gonzalez will serve as City representatives.

“We are glad to help with an economic recovery in our mile square,” said task force co-chairs Grace Sciancalepore and Anthony Pino. “As owners of small businesses, we know first-hand how challenging it has been during COVID. We want to provide our support to the City as we plan for ways to keep everyone safe when supporting the many terrific local businesses, and look forward to working with the task force members.”

The task force consists of the following representatives from the following industries:

Chairpersons: Grace Sciancalepore and Anthony Pino

Restaurants: Dave Jacey (Blackbear), Mario Stretti (10th and Willow), Nick DePalma (Leo's), Dino Panopoulos (Dino and Harry’s)

Retail: Dona Garban (Little City Books), Meghan Lavelle (Washington General)

Personal grooming: Laurie Michelson (Hair Cult)

Café: Tats Mori-Ryan (BweKafe)

Fitness: Jon Bevacqua (Crossfit Hoboken)

Art: Ricardo Roig (Roig Collection)

Technology: Preston Junger (Hoboken Hospitality Association)

Special Improvement District: Stuart Koperweis, Greg Dell’Aquila

The task force will present the Mayor and City with an initial set of recommendations for both the City to consider, as well as a suggested best practices list for businesses within the respective industries, in approximately a two-week time frame.