December 20, 2023

Five new Hoboken Police Officers take the oath of office at a swearing-in ceremony

The Hoboken Police Department swore in five new police officers at a ceremony at City Hall attended by Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante, and Police Chief Steve Aguiar.

Alexander Miller, Jaydan Gonzalez, Shyenna Vega, Frank Losurdo, and Nasir Willey join the department after graduating from the academy last week. Upon completion of a field training program, they will be assigned to the Uniform Patrol Bureau which serves the Hoboken community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“These five young men and women are the future of the Hoboken Police Department," said Mayor Bhalla. “We thank you for the commitment you make today by taking the oath. I also thank the families of all our first responders and law enforcement officers for the sacrifices they too, make daily.”  

“I commend our newest recruits on their choice to become Hoboken Police Officers, especially when the job has only become more challenging over the years,” said Public Safety Director Ferrante. “It is getting more and more difficult to find qualified candidates for many reasons, and the commitment and enthusiasm of these five recruits is appreciated and applauded.”  

“This group of men and women gave their all at the Academy,” said Chief Aguiar. “I know we will see that same effort and dedication as they officially join our police family and rise in the ranks while protecting the City of Hoboken and its residents. Congratulations, and welcome aboard.”  

The five new officers will bring the HPD closer to filling its table of organization, which is currently 146 officers. The City, with only 13 current vacancies, is actively recruiting, interviewing, and conducting background checks on candidates to close that gap even further. A recent ordinance passed by the Hoboken City Council to remove a long-standing residency requirement has assisted the Department in efforts to fully staff the department. Those interested in becoming a Hoboken Police Officer can learn more at:

Hoboken's newest police officers with Chief Steven Aguiar
Officer Alexander Miller
Officer Jaydan Gonzalez
Officer Shyenna Vega
Officer Frank Losurdo
Officer Nasir Willey