April 22, 2022

City of Hoboken releases Earth Day Report Card

The City of Hoboken today provided an update on achieving a number of environmental sustainability goals and other resiliency projects, in celebration of Earth Day.  

“Over the past decade, we have made tremendous strides to make our City more resilient and sustainable,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. "While the numbers speak for themselves, we will continue to invest in these major initiatives that will help protect Hoboken from the effects of climate change and ensure our City's future."

The “2022 Earth Day Report Card,” created by the City’s Department of Environmental Services, provides key data sets depicting the progress the City has made through key initiatives detailed in part by the Hoboken Climate Action Plan, Water Main Replacement Program, and the Rebuild by Design Project, among others.  

Some of the progress highlighted in the report card includes:  

  • Preventing flooding in 202 out of 230 rainfall events since 2016 through the H1 and H5 pump stations, reducing flooding by 88 percent.  
  • Partnering with PSE&G to invest $300 million in Hoboken to consolidate and protect substations from flooding.  
  • Launching the Hoboken Renewable ​Energy Program in which 94 percent of eligible Hoboken customers receive more of their energy from clean green sources.  
  • Creating zoning incentives that have built over 100,000 square feet of private green roofs since 2014.  
  • Installing bike lanes in over 16 miles of roadways in Hoboken, totaling 47 percent of the Hoboken road network making it easier for residents to travel by cycle.  
  • Constructing 11 acres of open space and six new parks since 2009.  
  • Collecting over 70 tons of organic waste from 12 free residential compost drop off sites, 22 tons from 130 residential customers, and 9 tons from five commercial customers in 2021.
  • Instituting a citywide ban on plastic carry-out bags and single use Styrofoam products.

On Earth Day in 2019, Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla signed ​an Executive Order adopting Hoboken’s Climate Action Plan, which commits the City to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and net zero energy by 2030.

To see the full report card, click here.