March 7, 2022

City of Hoboken lifts COVID-19 State of Emergency

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla today announced the end of the City of Hoboken’s COVID-19 State of Emergency, following the decline of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases across the City and the region.  

“After two long, hard years, we are finally at a time where it is no longer necessary to remain under a State of Emergency,” said Mayor Bhalla. “This is a credit to everyone who has chosen to get vaccinated and boosted, which has helped get us through the hard times of the past year. We will continue to be guided by science as the pandemic becomes an endemic, utilizing the tools we know will protect our residents.” 

The City of Hoboken’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) first declared a State of Emergency on March 12, 2020.  

OEM has today signed an Executive Order rescinding the State of Emergency.