August 24, 2023

City of Hoboken begins garbage containerization to mitigate rodent activity; exemption process launched

The City of Hoboken’s updated garbage containerization ordinance, which mandates that properties, including businesses, place their garbage at the curb in a container with a tight-fitting lid during collection times, takes effect today, Aug. 24. The ordinance, proposed by the administration and adopted by the Hoboken City Council, aims to reduce rodent activity by limiting a rodent’s access to food from trash.  

Under the amended law, properties with more than 10 units are required to utilize containerized garbage bins with tight-fitting lids unless there are space constraints that prevent the landlord or property owner from doing so. In this case, disposable garbage bags must be used with rodent repellent and be at least 1.1 mils thick, or if the garbage bags do not have rodent repellent, the bags must be at least 3 mils thick. If these bags are utilized, the garbage must be stored indoors between collections.

Properties with 10 or fewer units must also abide by the new law and leave their garbage at the curb for pickup in containers with a tight-fitting lid during collection. If a property has unique space constraints which do not permit the utilization of a container with a tight-fitting lid, the property owner or registered agent can now apply for a 1-year exemption online at

The property owner or registered agent must provide a brief narrative explaining their unique space constraints, up to three photographs depicting the constraints, as well as a copy of the property deed or management contract.  

Tenant applications will not be accepted.  

If approved, the property will be required to utilize disposable garbage bags with rodent repellent at least 1.1 mils thick, or if the garbage bags do not have rodent repellent, the bags must be at least 3 mils thick. The garbage must be stored indoors between collections.

The property will have 1 year to remedy the space constraints and come into compliance with the ordinance.

The City has instituted a 30-day grace period to educate the public on the new citywide regulation. Following the grace period, properties in violation of the ordinance could be subject to fines of up to $1,000.

The City has purchased over 3,000 containers for limited distribution to help property owners comply with the updated ordinance and awaits their delivery. Once the shipment is received, the City will announce distribution in the coming weeks.

Trash must be placed at the curb after 7:30 p.m. in residential areas and after 9 p.m. in the limited business area for pickup by the city’s contracted garbage hauler Cali Carting. As trash is manually picked up by the hauler’s employees, trash containers or bags must not weigh more than 50 pounds. Trash which exceeds this weight limit may be left at the curb in which case the property owner will be responsible for storing the trash indoors, separating into lighter loads, and place it at the curb during the next collection in accordance with the adopted ordinance.  

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Recycling will continue to be collected as usual. For more information on recycling collection, go to

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In addition to the containerization ordinance, on Sept.6, the Hoboken City Council will consider the administration’s ordinance on final reading which aims to limit rodents’ access to food from outdoor dining.  

The proposed ordinance establishes enhanced cleaning measures for eateries including; daily inspections of outdoor dining spaces, planters, and tree pits; washing all outdoor dining areas, sidewalks, curbs, and space underneath raised platforms, with soap and water or a 10 percent bleach solution; power washing all sidewalks and underneath platforms on a regular basis; schedule regular extermination inspections and treatments; and more.  

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