Are dogs permitted in parks and playgrounds?

Dogs are not permitted in City parks or playgrounds, except in dog runs. Columbus Park is a Hudson County park, so leashed dogs are permitted on the grass. Leashed dogs are permitted along the Waterfront Walkway, but not on the grass. Dogs are not permitted in the amphitheater of Sinatra Park or the interior walkway of Pier A. There are several dog runs in Hoboken: Church Square Park, Elysian Park, Stevens Park, 14th Street Viaduct, Shipyard Park (private dog run for residents only), 1600 Park. Below is the relevant City code regarding dogs in parks:

§93-20. Leashing of dogs 

A. No person owning, keeping or harboring a dog shall suffer or permit it to be upon the sidewalk, public streets, city parks, walkways, public building or public place, within the City of Hoboken, unless the dog is accompanied by its owner or keeper and is safely confined and controlled by an adequate leash not more than six feet long, except if the dog is in a city dog run. 

B. Dogs shall be permitted only upon the paved areas of the Designated Waterfront Walkway, so long as the dog is safely confined and controlled by an adequate leash of no more than six feet long. No dog shall be permitted on any grass, gravel or other unpaved area of the Designated Waterfront Walkway. 

C. No violation of this section shall exist for any Guide dog. 

§93-22. Dogs in public parks or public 

No dogs or other animals leashed or unleashed, are permitted in any public park or playground except for the bringing of said dog directly to and directly from a city dog run, without diversion, in any public park.

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