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Hoboken PD Body Worn Camera (BWC)

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Hoboken PD Body Worn Camera (BWC)

Hoboken PD Body Worn Camera (BWC)

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Hoboken PD Body Worn Camera (BWC)

Body Worn Cameras 

The Hoboken Police Department is proud to join the growing ranks of law enforcement agencies that deployed body worn video cameras on their police officers. The cameras will be used in accordance with the guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General.

Effective policing is achieved through strong partnerships with the community. Body Worn Camera (BWC) footage is similar to footage from a cell phone camera. Body Worn Cameras will be worn by our officer's starting June 01, 2021. The cameras will point away from the officer and will capture images in the camera's field of view. Citizens who interact with police officers will be recorded on body camera footage. 

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