RFP - 21 – 04 (3nd Attempt RFP 20 – 03))Request for Proposals (RFP) – Competitive Contracting Concession Operations at Pier A Park

RFP - 21 – 04




RFP - 21 – 04 (3nd  Attempt RFP 20 – 03))

Request for Proposals (RFP) – Competitive Contracting Concession Operations at Pier A Park This Addendum # 1, dated April 7, 2021 is issued to modify the above mentioned RFP and is hereby made part of the RFP documents. Please attach this Addendum #1 to the original documents in your possession, and ensure same is included in your proposal. The attached acknowledgement of receipt of this addenda must be submitted with the proposal.

A.  Questions and answer:

1.    Are the lease fees $1 per year (May 1 to Dec 31)?

There is no lease fee. Per the RFP, “Concessions shall only be granted to current businesses operating within the City of Hoboken that operate from a physical location on the City's tax map, for an administrative fee of $1 per year.”

2.    Is the agreement for all 3 kiosks or per?

To be determined. The City may award a contract to one or more vendors, meaning there may be multiple concession vendors operating on Pier A, each with one or more kiosks. Per the RFP, the City reserves the right “To accept or reject any or all of the items in any proposal and award the contract in whole or in part if it is deemed in the City’s best interest to do so.”

3.    Is the lease automatically renewed?

To be determined. The terms of the contract are subject to negotiation. Per the RFP, “the City may enter into negotiations for a contract, on terms and conditions satisfactory to the City with one or more selected proposer(s). However, the City reserves the right to terminate any negotiations at

any time or conduct simultaneous, competitive negotiations with multiple proposers. The City reserves the right to negotiate acceptable terms in an otherwise unacceptable proposal. Such negotiations may result in changes in terms material to this RFP; in such an event, the City shall not be obligated to inform other proposers of the changes, or permit them to revise their proposals accordingly, unless the City, in its sole discretion, determines that doing so and permitting such

is in the City’s best interest. Should negotiations not prove satisfactory with the selected proposer(s), the City reserves the right to discontinue negotiations. Additional firms may be asked to enter into negotiations, and/or the City may solicit new proposals.”

4.    The $2 above the government issued min wage. Why is that and is that even lawful? The City of Hoboken would essentially be overriding the state here.

Chapter 58-24 of the Municipal Code of the City of Hoboken requires the Pier A concessions to “Employ local Hoboken labor at a rate that is $2 per hour higher than the prevailing state minimum wage.”

5.    The 8-hour usage. During the summer there is daylight 14+ hours. We would like to ability to have access to the kiosks during that time. Can that be amended?

To be determined. The terms of the contract are subject to negotiation, as noted in response #3 above.

6.    Condition of the kiosks. when were they last used and what are their current condition? What repairs are needed? Do have access to electricity?

Per the RFP, “Pier A Park features 4 kiosks: 1 utility kiosk, 1 restroom kiosk, and 2 vacant kiosks.” The 1 utility kiosk and 1 restroom kiosk are not available for the concession. All kiosks were cleaned, painted, and new plexiglass was installed in 2019. Per the RFP, “Each vacant kiosk has electricity, but no water service.” Any further improvements to the kiosks would be the responsibility of the concession vendor, per the RFP, “concessions operating in a kiosk shall be responsible for maintenance, operation, and anyimprovements or modifications to the kiosks.”

7.    We would like to tour the kiosks before submitting.

A site visit has been scheduled for April 5 at 1:00 PM at Pier A.

8.    Bike repair/rental with the incoming Citi bikes this should be updated and allow for another option. Chapter 58-24 of the Municipal Code of the City of Hoboken requires Bike Repair/Rental as a potential concession purpose.

9.    There are 2 kiosks available but I see there are available up to 7 concessions on Pier A.

What does this means for businesses like mine (food)?

Per the RFP, Chapter 58-24 states that “there shall be available for distribution by the City up to 7 concessions within Pier A, each area having dimensions of up to 6 feet x 9 feet or 54 square feet.” Up to 2 of these 7 concessions may be located in the vacant kiosks. Therefore, the other 5 concessions could be located in other areas of Pier A. The respondent should identify the proposed location(s) of their concession in their response by illustrating the location(s) on a map and as

providing as much visual and narrative detail as possible.

10.  Is it possible to visit the kiosks prior submitting the proposal? It would help on the proposal, especially on See response #7 above.

11.  Table service is not permitted. Can just tables and chairs be place around the kiosk just for customers to sit on their own (without service)?

Tables would have to be open to all park users, per Green Acres regulations. The City would need to approve the specific number and style of tables. The vendor would be required to store or secure tables overnight and remove them during severe weather events.

12.  I see that only pre-package coffee, baked goods, hot or cold pre-packaged food prepared off site can be served. Can this be explained a little more? Can we warmup sandwiches and pastries or pasta? can we serve coffee made in a different location? Is a small espresso machine allowed to

make signature drink such Cappuccinos, lattes?  All if this will help a lot preparing the right menu for the proposal.

Reheating food that was prepared offsite in a licensed facility would be allowed as long as it can be reheated onsite to 165 degrees and held at 135 degrees onsite after reheating. An espresso machine would be allowed onsite as long as all dairy products for coffee are refrigerated properly onsite. An inspection by the Health Department would be required before opening.

13.  Related to free standing cart such ice cream cart, coffee cart, etc., by the end of the day are we required to take the cart away from the park? If yes can we attach with chains to the kiosk? The vendor would be responsible for securing or storing all property the end of each day. The City is amenable to attach the carts with chains to the kiosk, at the vendor’s discretion. The City would not be responsible or liable for any property lost or stolen.

B.  The City will not accept questions/RFI at this time. Submission deadline remains the same on April 23, 2021 at 3:00 pm prevailing time.

This addendum will be publish in the newspaper and posted on the City of Hoboken website to ensure


There are no other changes to the RFP documents as part of this addendum.

ATTEST:                                                                        Date: April 7, 2021

AL B. Dineros, QPA Purchasing Agent

City of Hoboken


RFP - 21 – 04

(3nd  Attempt RFP 20 – 03))

Request for Proposals (RFP) – Competitive Contracting Concession Operations at Pier A Park

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