CLARIFICATION NO. 1 - Remediation of Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Hoboken Cove Bid No. 21-07

Bid CLARIFICATION NO. 1 - Bid No. 21-07
Bid CLARIFICATION NO. 1 - Bid No. 21-07



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Remediation of Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Hoboken Cove Bid No. 21-07

June 15, 2021


To All Bidders:


- Who will be acting as the daily oversight? Will it be the LSRP or the engineer? Please provide the name of the company or individual.


A. The City’s Representative-Kenny Environmental Services will be providing daily oversight.


- Page 10 - Estates a maintenance bond will be carried by the contractor for a period of 1 year which contradicts the statement on page 67- 17 stating its a 2year period.


A. Maintenance Bond of 1 year will be required.


-   Scope of Work Part 1 General #4. Please confirm that known contaminated historic fill will be stockpiled and used as backfill.


A. There is historic fill present from beneath the existing cap (approximately 2 feet below grade) to the expected terminal depth of the proposed excavation. Some of this historic fill is contaminated with petroleum product. It is the intent of the contract to excavate and dispose of the petroleum contaminated historic fill and replacing the remainder of the historic fill in the excavation.


- Page 82 If the stock piled contaminated material is too wet to transport, will the contractor be given enough time for the material to become dry enough for transport without penalty or damages?


A. Yes, provided the removal is completed within the contract time frame.


- Page 83 - 25Groundwater has been reported at 6-7 feet below grade. The specs state that a heavy recharge rate is likely. Will the contractor be allowed to install filter fabric and backfill if groundwater is present in the excavation?


A. Yes


-  Will compaction be omitted for all material installed under water?


A. Yes


- The contractor will be expected to contact One Call for a site wide mark out. Can the owner provide a plan for any private utilities or will a GPR survey be required?


A. Locations of all utilities are the responsibility of the Contractor. It is not expected that any utilities are located in the work area, however, that is not a guarantee and the Contractor is solely responsible for locating and protecting all utilities.


- Please confirm that any permits needed will be obtained from the City of Hoboken.


A. Permits will be required from the City of Hoboken.


- Page 93 - C (and several other places) the spec calls for “lowering” the groundwater elevation by 5’ . Please confirm that the owner is aware that sumps and vacuum trucks provide no means of “lowering” groundwater. They are only means of collecting groundwater that is present in the bottom of the excavation, and a hard dry bottom is likely not possible while using these methods due to the current groundwater elevation.


A. The intent of the Contract is to remove all accessible petroleum contaminated soil. Means and methods to accomplish this end are the Contractor’s responsibility.


- Please confirm that there is no grass or landscaping restoration associated with this project.


A. No grass or landscaping restoration is part of the Contract.


- Please confirm that there is no sheeting or other support methods associated with this project.


A. Means and methods to complete the project are the Contractor’s responsibility.


- Page 98 - Concrete restoration. It is evident from internet images that the city sidewalk outside the construction entrance to the site is already damaged. Will the contractor be required to restore the sidewalk damaged prior to this contract?


A. Restoration of the sidewalk is not part of this Contract. The City requires that the existing conditions be video documented prior to commencement of work, that typical precautions be implemented to assure that the sidewalk is not further damaged and nota hazard to pedestrian use after completion of the Contract.


- Please confirm that there is only one (1) catch basin on the provided plans which will require a basin filter.


A. That is correct.


- Please confirm that the 6’ chain link safety fence with fabric panels is already installed around the entire perimeter of the subject site.


A. A 6-foot chain link safety fence with fabric panels is currently installed around the site.  The Contractor must maintain this throughout the work.


- Can we submit suggested alternatives so long as we also complete the bid sheet in the RFP?


A. Yes but there is no guarantee that any change will be accepted.


-Material/equipment are currently stored at the site. Will they be there during construction?


A. Equipment and material currently stored at the site will be removed by the City prior to commencement of work.

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