Bid No. 19-08 City of Hoboken Water Infrastructure Upgrade Project - Addeundum No. 1

Bid No. 19-08 - Addeundum No. 1



Addendum No. 1


TO:         All Bidders of Record                                                              Date Issued: April 18, 2019



This addendum shall be part of the Contract Documents as provided in the Agreement for the above- referenced project. Acknowledge the receipt of this addendum on Page 00400-5 of the Bid Documents for the project. Failure to do so may subject the bidder to disqualification.




1.      The Bid Due Date is hereby changed to Tuesday, April 30, 2019, same time.


2.     Please ensure that the Bid indicates the City Bid No. 19-08.


3.      The City will provide the Archaeological Monitor for this project; the Bidder is not required to carry this work in its Bid.


4.     The SED participation goal is 10% as shown on Page 00810-4 of the specifications.


5.      All material removed from all trenches on the project shall be removed and disposed of off-site in accordance with the specifications. All trench bedding and back-fill shall be DGA.


6.      The Contractor shall be aware of and comply with pertinent requirements in the specifications regarding stockpiling, daily spoils removal, daily street and sidewalk cleaning, dust control and other general housekeeping and public safety procedures.


7.      Project will have a full-time construction manager and inspector, to be provided by the City.


8.      The Contractor shall request all TNP-Temporary No Parking signs through the Hoboken Parking Utility. These requests must be submitted 72 hours prior to the execution of construction activities. There will be no charge for the initial posting. If, for any reason, the Contractor has failed to perform the scheduled work, or requested reposting for any reason, the TNP sign will be the Contractor’s financial responsibility. The cost for reposting will be $15 per sign for 8 hours and $30 per sign for 10 hours. If the requested for reposting by the Contractor is beyond the original work zone expiration date, the City may see fit that the 72-hour period be restarted. Also, the Contractor is responsible for the removal of all TNP signage once the work zone has been vacated.If the expired TNP signs are not removed in any given work zone, two hours after sign expiration, the Contractor will be charged

$45 per sign for removal by the Hoboken Parking Utility.


9.     The Striping Plan sheets (STR-1 through STR-15) have a leader at each intersection that sends the Contractor to a detail (Detail B,CD-5). The typical note on the plan reads “Typical Intersection Striping and Curb Painting (Typ.).” The detail shows a hatched striping pattern at all intersections that is 25’ in length from the direction of oncoming traffic and 15’ in length for the outgoing traffic with associated red painted curb. It is striped to designate the area for “No Parking”. This clarification is to provide notice that although the plans do not depict the intersection striping due to clutter on the

sheets, all intersections are to be striped in accordance with Detail B as shown on page CD-5 of the construction plans.


10.   Normal work hours shall be 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Requests to work other than these hours require City Council approval. If approved for work outside these hours, the Contactor shall be responsible for additional compensation associated with construction inspection, police traffic directors, and temporary no parking (TNP) signs.


11.   All material excavated under this contract shall be considered contaminated(regulated) waste material. Please refer to the Materials Management Plan in Appendix C.


12.   Retain age for stored materials and unit prices is two percent as permitted by the Local Public Contracts Law (LPCL). The specifications, specifically, Section 01025,Paragraph 1.01.C is consistent with N.J.S.A. §40A: 11-16.4 which states that the contract "may provide" for payments of materials stored on site or at a suitable secured location if a Release of Lien is submitted with the request for payment. First, the statute is permissive and not mandatory, and second, the specification section in fact outlines how partial payment is permitted for stored or partially installed materials.


13.   Regarding Allowances under Specification Section 01025, Paragraphs 3.21.A, 3.22A, and 3.23.A., the Contractor can include overhead, profit and other fees for the Allowance in its bid and the City has the right to hold the Contractor of the Allowances amounts in its bid. Per Section 01025, Paragraph 1.04.F, these costs shall be allocated across other bid items.




1.      Item W-12, Transport and Place ¾” QP Stone, does this quantity represent the entire trench depth for all the trenches on the project? If not, please clarify?


Response: Yes, this quantity represents the entire trench depth for all water main trenches.


2.     The proposed trench section shown in detail A on CD-3 shows select fill in the trench. How will the procurement and installation of this material be compensated?


Response: Please see Clarification No. 5 above.


3.     Is it anticipated that any of the excavated soil would be suitable to be used as back fill for the trench?


Response:Please see Clarification No. 5 above.


4.     The measurement and payment of Utility Test Pits on 01025-11 mentions “cubic yard” while on the bid sheet the unit of measure is“each”. Please clarify the unit of measure and if it is per each, please give us the dimensions of each test pit.


Response: The unit for Item W-8 will be cubic yard (CY). The revised Bid Form, attached to this addendum, reflects this change.


5.      Item R-22, Remove and Replace Trees, section 3.47 of the Measurement and Payment section of the specs mentions that the trees will be replaced as per the details on the plans and in the specs. There are no details on either. Please provide a type and size of tree we should figure to re-install.


Response: Please see Changes to Specifications below.

6.     In Appendix D, page 4, the 1st paragraph mentions that there is an attached “Table 1” that shows the archaeological areas of the project. This table was not included in our bid package. Please provide a copy of this table and/or a plan that shows the archaeological areas.


Response: Table 1 is attached to this Addendum.


7.     Please provide a list of approved archaeologists that we may contact for archaeological work on this project.


Response: The City will provide the Archaeological Monitor as stated in Clarification No. 3 above.


8.      Is there any information available, such as test pits or cores, indicating the anticipated material and thickness of the existing streets we will be trenching through? I so, please provide this information.


Response: There is limited information available. However, a new bid item has been added to account for anticipated thickened pavement on some portions of the project, as encountered by previous utility work. Please see Changes to Specifications below.


9.     Note #1 on plan sheet TCP-1 mentions that the Hoboken Parking Authority will charge us

$10/sign/day/lost stall. Is that true? For this project, with an aggressive schedule requiring multiple crews at different locations and parking on both sides of the street, this cost will be astronomical. Please consider creating an allowance for reimbursement.


Response: See Clarification No. 8 above.


10.  Please provide a copy of the pre-bid sign-in sheet.


Response: See .pdf Attached

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