Bid 20 - 09 Smart Waste and Recycling Receptacles‍

Bid 20 - 09




Bid 20 - 09 Smart Waste and Recycling Receptacles

This Addendum # 1, dated September 28, 2020 is issued to modify the above mentioned Bid and is

hereby made part of the Bid documents. Please attach this Addendum #1 to the original documents in

your possession, and ensure same is included in your proposal.

A.  Questions and Answers

Q1. Does the City want all costs related to parts and service labor required to complete any

necessary repairs during standard maintenance events to be included in pricing provided by the

bidder? (e.g. a cost per unit to cover all routine service and maintenance required during the life

of the contract?)

A1. Yes

Q2. Does the City want each of the 'up to three (3) additional maintenance visits per year' to

include a 'comprehensive station cleaning' or is the intention that there will be one (1) 'annual

maintenance visit including comprehensive cleaning' and then three (3) additional visits that are

for maintenance purposes only and do not include a 'comprehensive cleaning'?

A2. Only (1) comprehensive cleaning is anticipated per year at the (1) annual maintenance visit.

However, the three (3) additional maintenance visits should include "spot cleaning" of any major

sanitary issues with the receptacles.

B.  Revised specification is being issued to remove proprietary language, use this version to put

together your bid proposal including the bid proposal page.

C.  The City will not accept questions/RFI at this time.

Submission deadline remains the same: October 8, 2020 at 2:00 pm prevailing time.

This addendum will be published in the newspaper and posted on the City of Hoboken website to ensure compliance.

There are no other changes to this Bid documents as part of this addendum.

ATTEST:                                                             Date: September 28, 2020

AL B. Dineros, QPA

Purchasing Agent

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