Bid 20 – 03 Landscape Maintenance Services Provider

Bid 20 – 03



Bid 20 – 03 Landscape Maintenance Services Provider

This Addendum # 1, dated February 3, 2020 is issued to modify the above mentioned Bid and is hereby made part of the Bid documents. Please attach this Addendum #1 to the original documents in your possession, and ensure same is included in your proposal.

A.  Questions and answers:

Q1. Is Liriope considered a grass, and does it needs to be cut back in the spring? A1. Liriope is a perennial that is cut back once a year in the early spring.

Q2. There are very large areas of liriope along the sidewalks of Waterfront Walkway, on Sinatra Drive. Is that our responsibility to cut back?

A2. See Group One diagrams for planting areas at Sinatra Park & World War II Memorial. Landscape areas south of Sinatra Park (not shown on diagram), along the Waterfront Walkway, are not included under this contract.

Q3. Bid specs call for aerating and over-seeding, but do not see this on the bid sheet forms. Can You clarify?

A3. Aeration and overseeding operations are only specified for Harborside Park. See line item #6.6

on the bid tabulation form, Group One, 6.0 Harborside Park, to provide cost.

Q4. I believe it is the 1600 park on the north side of town there is a large hedgerow of euonymus bordering the sidewalk. It will be quite difficult to just let them grow so close to the walkway.

My question is do we maintain them as a hedge? And if so can we use the mechanical sheers followed by cleaning up the tips manually?

A4. The landscape at 1600 Park includes groundcover, trees, and ornamental grasses and does not include shrubs that require hedge pruning. However, the landscape at Harborside Park, which is located nearby at Park Avenue and 15th Street, does include a hedge. The hedge surrounds the grass field and requires pruning. Pruning is covered in the landscape maintenance specifications. The additional pruning notes for the hedge at Harborside Park are:

(1) the height of the hedge should not be more than 2” taller than the height of the adjacent fence (top of the fence should not be visible) and; (2) the sides of the hedge should not block the sidewalk. It is acceptable to use mechanical sheers for this pruning operation. After the use of mechanical sheers, the contractor shall use hand pruners to lessen any blunt cuts visible at the end of branches. There are several small trees planted as part of the hedgerow. Some light pruning of these trees may be required to remove any low branches that are hanging over the sidewalk, impeding pedestrians.

ADDENDUM TO BID DOCUMENTS: Bid 20 – 03 Landscape Maintenance Services Provider

Q5. Harborside Park; are we responsible for the walkways, stone dust and trees that border the length of Sinatra Drive, or just the playground and dog run?

A5. Please refer to the Group One diagram for Harborside Park for a plan of the site. Please note that Harborside Park is not adjacent to Sinatra Drive. The contractor is responsible for the entire area within the site boundaries, which includes walkways and paved areas of the site and does not include the sidewalks on Park Avenue or 15th Street.

Q6. I would like to request for records and documents for the previous bid proposal for this project.

A6. No such records exist. This is a new scope of work and new landscape maintenance specifications. This is the first time the City has advertised a bid for these goods and services.

Q7. In regard to the spring and the fall cleanups we are doing the whole park right not just the beds? As is the case for the monthly maintenance.

A7. Refer to the diagrams for each site to understand the boundaries of each site. The contractor is responsible for the landscape of each site as illustrated in the diagram, please note this includes managing weeds growing in paved areas as well as the beds. The contractor is not responsible for the landscape areas identified on the diagrams as “NIC” (not included in contract).

The contractor is not responsible for non-landscape areas such as artificial turf  fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, dog runs, etc.

The level of horticulture and amount of work varies between Groups One, Two, and Three; please consider this when preparing your bid response.  The Group One sites are more traditional park sites but with limited planting areas. The Group Two sites have higher level horticulture and storm-water management monitoring responsibilities. The Group Three sites require very minimal work.

The quantity of the specified maintenance visits reflects these differences in the groups.

Q8. In the fall you guys are going to be doing a lot of the cleanup’s but again will be really doing a nice job on the beds but on the large lawn areas are we going to blow that off, and then in the spring we do a spring cleanup on the whole park right or will you be Helping clean up those as well.

A8. Hoboken Department of Environmental Services personnel will be in the parks on a weekly basis during the season providing littler pickup, mowing and string trimming operations; and will cover supplemental watering as needed. In the fall, when leaf clean up becomes necessary, Hoboken Department of Environmental Services personnel will perform this task on a limited basis. Their efforts are not intended to replace the need for the larger cleanup efforts covered by the landscape contractor, but instead, the Hoboken personnel will supplement the work of the landscape contractor. Hoboken personnel will not be available to work directly with the landscape contractor, but the efforts of both will be coordinated and are intended to  support each other.


ADDENDUM TO BID DOCUMENTS: Bid 20 – 03 Landscape Maintenance Services Provider

Q9. In going through the bid, Page 4 states we need to submit one (1) original and one (1) duplicate copy. However, Page 29 states one (1) original and three (2) duplicate copies, and one (1) electronic copy CD/DVD.  So is it one original and 1 duplicate, or 1 original, three duplicates (or two) and an electronic?

A9. Submit one (1) original, two (2) duplicate copies and one (1) electronic copy (CD/DVD). Ensure the electronic copy is NOT password protected.

Q10. No bid bond is required.

A10. Correct. No bid bond is required.

Q11. We should take pages 46-52 from the spec and submit with the bid package?  There are no pricing forms in the bid package.

A11. Correct. Submit the price schedule found on the specifications package. The heading of the price schedule reads, ‘Hoboken City Parks, LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE BID TABULATION FORM, March 1, 2020 – Dec. 31, 2020”

Q12. On Page 29, it is asking for "Proof of Licensure needed IAW NJ State and Federal Regulations".

Can you please clarify what this means?

A12. Not applicable. See item #4 on the Bidder's Qualification Form, please provide a response to each requirement listed under Section III, Bidder's Qualifications.

Q13. Are all weed control products considered “extra” and billed separately?

A13. No. Keeping the site as weed-free as possible is considered within the base scope of work and the contractor is expected to have the appropriate tools and materials available to handle weed control as necessary. However, if an issue is discovered that is beyond the scope of work of routine maintenance, as per the landscape specifications (Horticultural Visits, #8) the contractor is directed to contact the Director of Environmental Services, or appointed representative for

direction. Work beyond the scope of work of routine maintenance, as per the landscape specifications (Horticultural Visits, #8) may be authorized as additional work under the allowances in Alternates #1, #2, or #6.

Q14. Are the mulch quantities listed on the Bid Tabulation Form exact?

A14. The mulch quantities are an estimate of cubic yards needed. Factors that will impact these quantities are the extent of plant cover and the amount of existing mulch. The contractor shall bill the exact cubic yards used per the unit price; the City will not pay for mulch that is not used. If there is an excess or a shortage of mulch at a given location, contact the Director of Environmental Services, or appointed representative for direction.

ADDENDUM TO BID DOCUMENTS: Bid 20 – 03 Landscape Maintenance Services Provider

Q15. Is any work within this contract paid at prevailing wage?

A15. Landscape maintenance services do not fall under prevailing wage. However, extra work

identified in Alternates #1, #2, and #6 may be subject to prevailing wage (e.g., resetting pavers).

If a task is subject to prevailing wage, it should be billed under the allowances in Alternates #1, #2, and #6 at prevailing wage rates (e.g., Bricklayer, Stone Mason).

B.  The City will not accept questions/RFI at this time. Deadline of submission remains the same: February 11, 2020 at 2:00 pm prevailing time

This addendum will be published in the newspaper and posted on the City of Hoboken website to ensure compliance.

There are no other changes to this Bid documents as part of this addendum.


Date: February 3, 2020

AL B. Dineros, QPA Purchasing Agent

ADDENDUM TO BID DOCUMENTS: Bid 20 – 03 Landscape Maintenance Services Provider

City of Hoboken

Bid 20 – 03

Landscape Maintenance Services Provider


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