Bid 19 – 11 - Addendum #1

Bid 19-11 Addendum




Date:     April 17,2019


Project: Mayor’s Security Doors Hoboken City Hall City of Hoboken, New Jersey


The following clarifications, amendments, additions,deletions, revisions and modifications are part of the contract and change the original Bidding Documents dated 3/21/19 only in the manner and to the extent stated.


This Addendum #1 consists of the following documents:


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Addendum #1, dated April 17, 2019                              2

NEW        BSK-1: Detail of revised mag-lock and inclusion of removable mullion.    1




1.                Ceiling will need to be cutfor electrical fromfirst floor panelto second floor,is there any desired path / interference to do this work if any.

RESPONSE: To be reviewed and confirmed in field with Architect and Owner. It is the contractor’s responsibility to coordinate all raceway routings with existing conditions and work in the field.

2.                MC wire or conduit is required above ceiling?

RESPONSE: MC cabling is acceptable where allowed per NEC-2014.

3.                Fire alarm model and manufacturer or city vendor if any.

RESPONSE: The City has a separate contract to replace the existing F.A.S.As soon as the new proposed F.A.S. manufacturer is approved, this information will be provided.

4.                Location of communication room for network.

RESPONSE: The existing security system is networked. The new system shall be interconnected with the existing system,per Detail 4/E-1.

5.                Current Security system vendor name and phone number.

RESPONSE: Please contact Kyle Chadwick, Sonitrol Security Systems of Central New Jersey Inc, 800-992-3723.

6.                Wood restoration door will need to be boarded during construction.

RESPONSE: This is understood and acceptable.There is another door into this office.

7.                Maglock will interfere with door corner blocking per CR Laurence engineer, an alternate solution is being sought. Doors will need a removable mullion.

RESPONSE: See attached BSK-1 showing updated Mag-lock(SDC1511DU) at each door and removable mullion(896).

8.                Current voltage being used, 12 or 24 volts.

RESPONSE: The security system voltage shall match the existing building standard. Coordinate with the security system vendor.

9.                Other bullet proof door vendors like bullet guard and Insulgard request is sought as alternate to CR Laurence.

RESPONSE: Other vendors may be considered as approved equal as long as submitted products meet the requirements and design intent of the contract documents.

10.            Would we be integrating with the existing access control system,If any?

RESPONSE: Yes,this is specified on Detail 4/E-1.The existing security system vendor is Sonitrol.

11.            Information on the existing system so we can ensure we provide an accurate bid?

RESPONSE: Please contact Kyle Chadwick Sonitrol Security Systems of Central New Jersey Inc, 800-992-3723.

12.            Is the existing fire alarm vendor making the drop-out relay connections to the Mayors door lock or are they looking for us to include that in the bid?

RESPONSE: The direction to expand the existing F.A.S. is specified under this contract.

13.            Is there any designated construction parking spot if any?

RESPONSE: No. Contractor is responsible for all associated parking costs. Long-term parking reservation to be coordinated with the Hoboken Parking Authority.

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