Addendum No. 2 to Bid 21-06 Hudson Street (4th St. to 10th St.) Water Main Replacement

Bid 21-06


This addendum shall be part of the Contract Documents as provided in the Agreement for the above-

referenced project.  Acknowledge the receipt of this addendum on Page 00400-5 of the Bid Documents

for the project.  Failure to do so may subject the bidder to disqualification.






Section 00301 – Bid Form

Bid Item W-2B: Change estimated quantity amount to 2,850 LF of Furnish and Install 12-inch Diameter Class 54 Ductile Iron Pipe.

Bid Item R-1: Change estimated quantity amount to 920 TON of Furnish and Install Hot Mix Asphalt, 19M64.

A revised complete Bid Form is attached. Changed and/or new bid items are denoted with an “*” in

the revised bid form.

Section 01025 – Measurement and Payment

Replace Part 3 Execution, Item 3.29 in its entirety with following: “3.29    HOT MIX ASPHALT 19M64 (ITEM R-1)

A.   Measurement

1.    Measurement for Hot Mix Asphalt 19M64 Base Course will be on a per ton basis and shall include all labor to properly place and transport hot mix asphalt. Measurement for pavement repair for which payment will be made will be the actual pavement area affected by the trench within the repair limits shown on the standard details, as measured in tons.

B.   Payment

1.    Payment for the bituminous concrete base course (Hot Mix Asphalt Base Course) will be made for the quantity of pavement in tons as measured above at the unit price bid for each thickness class in the Bid Form.  These prices shall be considered compensation for all labor, materials and equipment used to pave all streets disturbed during construction, in accordance with the plans, specifications, and details.  Included in these prices shall be all costs for leveling courses, cleaning and broom sweeping, tack coats, adjustments of manhole castings and other structures, removal of core samples, replacement of pavement stripes and markings and all else necessary and incidental to the work described herein. The Engineer will use yield calculations to verify in place pavement thickness, and the Contractor will be paid accordingly.”


Sheet CD-3

Detail A – HMA Base Course, 19M64, shall be 12” thick and shall be provided to the existing pavement surface.

Sheet CD-4

Detail F – 2” of Hot Mix Asphalt 9.5M64 Surface Course has been deleted.  HMA Base Course, 19M64, shall be 12” thick and shall be provided to the existing pavement surface.


1.    Revised Section 00301 – Bid Form

2.    Revised 01025 – Measurement and Payment

3.    Revised Sheet CD-3

4.    Revised Sheet CD-4

City of Hoboken

Hudson Street (4th Street to 10th Street) Water Main Replacement


PROPOSAL OF:                                                                                        


Print or Type Name of Bidder

The undersigned declares that the only persons or parties interested in this Bid as principals are as stated; that  the  Bid  is  made  without  any  collusion  with  other  persons,  firms,  or  corporations;  that  he/she  has carefully examined all the Contract Documents as prepared by CDM Smith Inc., 110 Fieldcrest Avenue, #8,  6ᵗʰ  Floor,  Edison,  New Jersey, 08837 and dated June  2021  have  been carefully examined; that  the undersigned is fully informed in regard to all conditions pertaining to the Work and the place where it is to be done, and from them the undersigned makes this Bid. The prices set forth in this bid form shall cover all expenses incurred in performing the Work required under the Contract Documents, of which this Bid Form is a part. If a Notice of Award accompanied by at least four (4) unsigned copies of the Agreement and all other applicable Procurement Documents is delivered to the undersigned within sixty (60) calendar days, after the actual date of the opening of the Bids, the undersigned will within ten (10) calendar days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, after the date of receipt of such notification, execute and return all copies of the Agreement and all other applicable Procurement Documents to OWNER. The premiums for all  Bonds required  shall be  paid by CONTRACTOR and shall be included in the Contract  Price.   The undersigned  further  agrees  that  the  Bid  Security  accompanying  this  Bid  shall  become  the  property  of OWNER if the Bidder fails to execute the Agreement as stated above.

The undersigned hereby agrees that the Contract Time shall commence on the date indicated in the Notice to  Proceed  and  the  work  shall  be  completed  by  October  29,  2021  unless  otherwise  discussed  and approved with the Owner and Engineer in accordance with the terms as stated in the Agreement and Section 01014 - Construction Constraints and Sequence.

In accordance with the above understanding, the undersigned offers and agrees, if this Bid is accepted, to enter into an Agreement with Owner to perform the Work, furnish all materials and complete the Work in its entirety in accordance with the Contract Documents, for the prices listed as follows:

See attachment for details or email purchasing@hobokennj.gov for details specifications

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