August 3, 2018

Statement from Mayor Bhalla Regarding Jersey City SUEZ Project & Traffic Congestion in Southwest Hoboken

Dear Residents, 

Unfortunately, traffic conditions in southwest Hoboken will likely be congested again this weekend beginning at 8 p.m. tonight. The reason for this is an ongoing water meter upgrade project by SUEZ Water and the City of Jersey City. Even though it is not Hoboken’s project, it is within Hoboken city limits, and we are bearing the brunt of the traffic issues. 

I have shut down this project once before, several weeks ago, due to the unbearable and unsafe traffic congestion in the area. I fully prepared to do so again this weekend if the conditions on the ground pose a reasonable risk to the safety, health, and welfare of Hoboken residents. I will be on site personally this evening and throughout the weekend to assess conditions and make any required operational decisions. 

With this in mind, I ask you to plan alternate routes, such as entering and exiting Hoboken from the north this weekend and for the next several weekends, as SUEZ Water estimates it will take several weekends of work to complete the project. If you cannot avoid the southwest entrance into the city, please expect delays. 

If you have any concerns, please reach out to me directly at Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 

Very truly yours, 

Ravi S. Bhalla