December 3, 2019

Public hearing for Hoboken Business Alliance proposed 2020 budget

At the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting on December 4, the Council will hold a public hearing regarding the Hoboken Business Alliance, Inc. (HBA) Improvement District 2020 budget. The HBA Improvement District (a private not for profit corporation) would be utilized to help revitalize all the commercial properties and businesses in Hoboken. Residents are invited to provide comments at the public hearing; which will take place on Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the City Hall Council Chambers (94 Washington Street).

Below is a message from the Hoboken Business Alliance Board regarding their 2020 budget:  

This has been a very momentous year for the City of Hoboken, as an ordinance was adopted with the Council support to create a Special Improvement District called the Hoboken Business Alliance, after almost two years of dedicated volunteer work and meetings with the community. Since forming, we have established our board of directors (that includes those listed below), have involved even more property and business owners in idea generation and have provided our first annual budget for the economic revitalization of Hoboken.

The next step in this process is for the City Council to approve the 2020 budget for the HBA; which will then allow us to be funded and functional. Our budget will concentrate in accordance with our mission statement and work plan.  We are very excited to be able to provide these supplemental services, as well as new programs, for the businesses, property owners and citizens of Hoboken to enjoy.
It should be noted that notification was sent by mail to all commercial property owners in the district regarding the date and time of the public hearing, along with information as to how they may obtain what their actual assessment will be based on the budget. In addition to this information there is the assessment formulas for each sub-area to effectuate the budget; and a map outlining the sub-areas.

Further, in response to the concerns voiced by the Council and members of the public at the ordinance hearing in August we have adopted a forbearance/hardship policy; and we made modest changes to the boundaries of some of the sub-districts as discussed.  

We look forward to working with you in supporting our business and property owners in Hoboken this coming year and creating many milestones and successes.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Board of Directors, Hoboken Business Alliance, Inc.:

Eugene Flinn, President, Business/Property Rep.
Donna Garban, Vice President, Business/Property Rep.
Armando Luis, Secretary, Business/Property Rep.
Dian Fini, Treasurer, Property Rep.
Hany Ahmed, Property Rep.
Gregory Dell’Aquila, Property Rep.
Edyta Espasa, Property Rep.
Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, Council Appointee
Megan Lukin, Business Rep.
Stephen Marks, Mayor Appointee
Chris Mazzola, Property Rep.
Carol Swift, Business Rep.

Additional documentation:

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