October 15, 2018

Brian Crimmins Sworn In As Hoboken Fire Chief

Provisional Fire Chief Brian Crimmins was sworn in as Chief of the Hoboken Fire Department on Monday, October 15 after Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla appointed him to the position.

“In less than a year leading the department, Chief Crimmins has demonstrated a new brand of leadership for the department,” said Bhalla. “He’s established new standards of professionalism and preparedness, including facilitating training for fire fighters to be better equipped in serving residents with Autism. I applaud his efforts and look forward to his continued stellar leadership.”

“I am honored to dedicate my career to improving the resilience of our community and to promoting the finest fire department in the State of New Jersey,” said Crimmins.

In November 2017, Crimmins, then a Battalion Chief, was sworn in as Provisional Chief, replacing Anton Peskens. Crimmins comes from a long line of Hoboken Public Safety officials. His grandfather, George W. Crimmins, was Chief of Police, and his father, George W. Crimmins II, was Business Administrator and Public Safety Director.